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Why Since July 2019? Recent Revisions to Player Won-Lost Records

Articles about Players
Harold Baines
Jose Bautista
Vladimir Guerrero
Roy Halladay
Trevor Hoffman
Chipper Jones
Edgar Martinez
Mike Mussina
Mariano Rivera
Lee Smith
Jim Thome
Alan Trammell
Tom Tresh
Articles about Seasons
The 2010 Season
The 2011 Season
The 2012 Season
The 2013 Season
The 2014 Season
The 2015 Season
The 2016 Season
The 2017 Season
The 2018 Season
Analytical Articles: How Player Won-Lost Records are Constructed
Baseball Player Won-Lost Records: The Basics
Matchup Formula
Persistence Equations
Sharing Credit between Pitchers & Fielders and Batters & Baserunners
Statistical Calculations: Variance, Standard Deviation, and Correlation
Use of Location Data in Calculating Player Won-Lost Records
User-Selected Positional Averages
Other Articles
Calculating Customized Value Statistics
Determining the Most Similar Players
MLB Players Who Debuted on Their Birthday
Overview of Website
Pennants Won
Player Won-Lost Records and the Hall of Fame
Seasons for which Player Won-Lost Records are Calculated

The links below show articles which were written prior to recent updates to Player won-lost records and may be somewhat dated.
Articles about Players
Articles about Seasons
Miscellaneous Articles

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