Baseball Player Won-Loss Records
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Baseball Player Won-Lost Records: The Ultimate Baseball Statistic
Calculating Customized Value Statistics
Context by Inning
Context-Neutral Win Values Across Different Run-Scoring Environments: 1968 versus 2000
Determining Most Similar Players
Fielding Player Won-Lost Records vs. Ultimate Zone Rating
In Response to Bill James: What Player Won-Lost Records Get Right
Matchup Formula
Pennants Won
Persistence Equations
Persistence of Clutch Performance
pWins vs. Win Probability Advancements (WPA)
Salary vs. pWORL: Measuring Player Value
Sharing Credit between Pitchers & Fielders and Batters & Baserunners
Starting Pitchers versus Relief Pitchers
Statistical Calculations: Variance, Standard Deviation, and Correlation
Use of Location Data in Calculating Player Won-Lost Records
Wins over Replacement Level vs. Baseball-Reference's WAR
1969 New York Mets
The Best Teams of the 1970s
1975-76 Boston Red Sox
1984 Detroit Tigers
First-Year Expansion Teams
Using Player Won-Lost Records to Evaluate Teams
1960 World Series
1975 World Series: Game 6
2007 Game 163
Best Pitchers of the 1980s
Billy Martin: First-Year Manager Extraordinaire
Building a Left Fielder from Spare Parts
Major-League Integration

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