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The 1995 Season as seen through the Prism of Player Won-Lost Records

Next in my continuing series of looking at individual seasons through the prism of Player won-lost records is the 1995 season.

The 1995 season almost didn't happen and/or almost started with replacement players. But a court ruling by future Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor in favor of the MLBPA ended a brutal 8-month strike that had caused the cancellation of the previous year's World Series.

Because of the late start, the 1995 season was only 144 games long, an issue which will come up later in this article.

The Best of 1995

I calculate Player won-lost records two ways: pWins, which tie to team wins and eWins, which control for context and the ability of one's teammates. For players with more pWins than eWins, their Player wins contributed to more team wins than one might expect; for players with more eWins than pWins, just the opposite is true: their Player wins translated into fewer team wins than expected. Or more briefly: a player with more pWins than eWins was better in context, a player with more eWins than pWins was worse in context.

The top 10 players in pWins above Positional Average and Replacement Level were as follows.

pWins over Positional Average
Top 10 Players
          pWins over Replacement Level
Top 10 Players
Player pWins pLosses pWOPA pWORL           Player pWins pLosses pWOPA pWORL
1Greg Maddux16.57.55.3
1Greg Maddux16.57.55.3
2Randy 'Big Unit' Johnson16.57.54.8
2Randy 'Big Unit' Johnson16.57.54.8
3Mike Mussina16.010.33.2
3Barry Bonds24.717.13.1
4Edgar Martinez16.69.33.1
4Edgar Martinez16.69.33.1
5Reggie L. Sanders21.413.73.1
5Mike Mussina16.010.33.2
6Barry Bonds24.717.13.1
6Reggie L. Sanders21.413.73.1
7Tom Glavine14.19.53.1
7Carlos Baerga20.215.03.0
8Carlos Baerga20.215.03.0
8Albert Belle22.416.02.9
9Jim Thome18.312.42.9
9Craig Biggio22.317.12.8
10Albert Belle22.416.02.9
10John Valentin19.815.62.8

The top 10 players in eWins above Positional Average and Replacement Level were as follows.

eWins over Positional Average
Top 10 Players
          eWins over Replacement Level
Top 10 Players
Player eWins eLosses eWOPA eWORL           Player eWins eLosses eWOPA eWORL
1Greg Maddux14.67.14.4
1Greg Maddux14.67.14.4
2Randy 'Big Unit' Johnson14.67.63.8
2Randy 'Big Unit' Johnson14.67.63.8
3John Valentin19.614.93.0
3Barry Bonds23.416.32.9
4Barry Bonds23.416.32.9
4John Valentin19.614.93.0
5Mike Mussina13.79.32.5
5Edgar Martinez15.910.12.5
6Edgar Martinez15.910.12.5
6Albert Belle22.316.82.4
7Albert Belle22.316.82.4
7Mike Mussina13.79.32.5
8Mike Piazza14.19.62.4
8Craig Biggio22.318.52.1
9Tom Glavine13.610.52.3
9Tim Salmon20.815.52.2
10Mark McGwire12.87.52.2
10Tom Glavine13.610.52.3

All-Time Great Pitching Seasons: Greg Maddux and Randy Johnson
The top two players on all four of the above tables are the winners of the two Cy Young Awards that season and most likely two future Hall-of-Famers: Greg Maddux and Randy Johnson. Not only did Maddux and Johnson have the two best seasons by any players in 1995, they had two of the best seasons by any players any season for which I have calculated Player won-lost records.

So far, I have calculated Player won-lost records for a total of 69 player-seasons for which a player earned 6 or more pWins over replacement level (pWORL). The vast majority of these players did so over a 162-game season with a smaller number doing so under the old 154-game schedule. Maddux and Johnson did it in only 144 games.

If Player won-lost records are pro-rated to 162-game seasons for all players, the top 30 seasons, as ranked by pWORL, are as follows, among seasons for which I have full play-by-play data.

Top 30 Seasons, pro-rated to 162 Games
(since 1939, ranked by pWORL)
Player Season pWins pLosses pWOPA pWORL
Steve Carlton197226.
Sandy Koufax196525.
Dwight Gooden198521.311.06.17.6
Ted Williams194629.416.15.77.5
Joe L. Morgan197227.
Greg Maddux199518.
Mickey Mantle195726.
Barry Bonds200128.
Sandy Koufax196322.513.25.57.1
Jackie Robinson195126.315.65.47.1
Ted Williams194230.
Bob Feller194026.
Bobby Avila195425.915.85.27.0
Vern Stephens194928.518.95.16.9
Bob Feller194628.320.84.66.9
Greg Maddux199420.511.65.26.9
Larry Doby195427.915.85.16.9
Joe L. Morgan197326.917.15.06.9
Randy 'Big Unit' Johnson199518.
Barry Bonds200225.413.25.36.8
Juan Marichal196623.
Hal Newhouser194623.515.14.96.7
Derek Jeter199926.
Barry Bonds199326.915.64.96.6
Bobby Doerr194627.318.14.86.6
Bucky Walters193923.415.34.86.6
Mickey Mantle196125.714.84.76.5
Bob Gibson197021.713.65.06.5
Randy 'Big Unit' Johnson200219.
Barry Bonds200423.

Great Fluke Season: John Valentin
The top 10 lists at the top of these articles are typically littered with famous names and 1995 is no exception (see the last two guys I talked about). But frequently, more anonymous names pop up who can be fun to take a bit closer look at.

In 1995, one such name is Boston Red Sox shortstop John Valentin. Valentin had a very respectable 11-year career, mostly in Boston, and was consistently above positional average. But 1995 was by far his best season with career highs in home runs (27), RBI (102), stolen bases (20), walks (81), and OPS (.931), while playing his usual solid defense at SS.

John Valentin's career, as measured by Player won-lost records, is shown in the next table.

John Valentin
Basic Player Won-Lost Records
Value Decomposition
Season Team Age Games pWins pLosses pWin Pct. pWOPA pWORL eWins eLosses eWin Pct. eWOPA eWORL
------ ------ ------ ------ ------ ------ ------ ------ ------ ------ ------ ------ ------ ------
CAREER (reg. season)
------ ------ ------ ------ ------
PostSeason (career)
17 0.6
------ ------ ------ ------ ------ ------ ------ ------ ------
129.7120.30.517 17.6

1995 Postseason

From 1991 through 2005, the Atlanta Braves made the playoffs all 14 times they took place. The 1995 Braves are the only one of those 14 teams to win the World Series. The Braves beat the Cleveland Indians in the World Series, who won 100 games (a 113-win pace over 162 games) in the first year of a string of 5 straight playoff appearances that featured two World Series appearances, but left the Indians still looking for their first World Series winner since 1948.

Oh, and 1995 was the first season under the new 3-division, one Wild Card, playoff format. The first Wild Card teams in major-league history were the New York Yankees and Colorado Rockies, the latter of whom became the youngest team to make the playoffs (in their third season - a record that was broken four years later).

The best players in the 1995 postseason, as measured by Player won-lost records, are shown in the tables below.

1995 Postseason: Total
pWins pLosses pWORL
Orel HershiserCLE2.91.51.0

Top postseason players by round were as follows.

1995 Postseason: World Series
pWins pLosses pWORL
Tom GlavineATL1.10.60.4
David JusticeATL1.40.60.4

1995 Postseason: League Championship Series
pWins pLosses pWORL
Orel HershiserCLE1.00.30.4
Kenny LoftonCLE1.20.50.4
Greg MadduxATL0.70.30.3
Fred McGriffATL0.80.30.3
Steve AveryATL0.60.30.3
Dennis MartinezCLE0.90.60.3

1995 Postseason: Division Series
pWins pLosses pWORL
Ken Griffey Jr.SEA1.00.40.3
Orel HershiserCLE0.70.20.3
Randy 'Big Unit' JohnsonSEA0.90.40.3
Chipper JonesATL0.90.40.3
Tino MartinezSEA0.90.30.3
Omar VizquelCLE0.70.30.3
Edgar MartinezSEA0.70.30.3
Benito SantiagoCIN0.60.10.3
Ron GantCIN0.70.30.2
Fred McGriffATL0.80.30.2
David WellsCIN0.70.40.2
Albert BelleCLE0.60.20.2
Bernie WilliamsNYA0.80.50.2
Vinny CastillaCOL0.60.30.2
Barry LarkinCIN0.60.30.2
Charles NagyCLE0.60.40.2
Marquis GrissomATL0.70.30.2
Greg MadduxATL0.90.70.2
Hal MorrisCIN0.60.20.2
Jay BuhnerSEA0.80.50.2
Paul SorrentoCLE0.40.10.2

Best of 1995 by Factor and Position

Next, let's look at the top players in (context-neutral, teammate-adjusted) eWins over Positional Average in various aspects of the game.
Best by Factor: Batting, Baserunning, Pitching, Fielding
There are four basic factors for which players earn Player won-lost records: Batting, Baserunning, Pitching, and Fielding. The top players in 1995 in eWOPA by factor were as follows.

eWins eLosses eWOPA
Edgar Martinez14.89.12.9
Albert Belle15.910.32.8
Barry Bonds15.09.32.7

Positional Average excludes pitcher offense

eWins eLosses eWOPA
Barry Larkin1.90.90.5
Delino DeShields Sr.

Positional Average excludes pitcher offense

eWins eLosses Net Wins
Greg Maddux11.55.85.8
Randy 'Big Unit' Johnson12.67.74.8

Not surprisingly, Greg Maddux and Randy Johnson show up again. Both Maddux's and Johnson's 1995 seasons rank among the top 30 pitching seasons ever in net pitching wins among seasons for which I have calculated Player won-lost records. Maddux shows up on that top-25 list five times, consecutively, from 1994 through 1998. Based in part on that, I have made the argument elsewhere that, based on Player won-lost records, a case can be made for Greg Maddux as the best pitcher at least of the past 70 years, if not of all-time depending on how much you timeline down Walter Johnson's prime.

Fielding, P
eWins eLosses Net Wins
Butch Henry0.40.10.3

Fielding, C
eWins eLosses Net Wins
Ivan Rodriguez1.91.40.5

Fielding, 1B
eWins eLosses Net Wins
Jeff Bagwell2.62.10.5

Fielding, 2B
eWins eLosses Net Wins
Luis Alicea5.24.40.8
Bret Boone4.94.10.8

Fielding, 3B
eWins eLosses Net Wins
Travis Fryman5.14.50.6
Tim Wallach2.72.10.6

Fielding, SS
eWins eLosses Net Wins
Cal Ripken4.94.20.8

Fielding, LF
eWins eLosses Net Wins
Moises Alou2.71.80.9

Fielding, CF
eWins eLosses Net Wins
Darren Lewis5.54.31.2

Fielding, RF
eWins eLosses Net Wins
Brian Jordan4.94.10.8
Russ Morman0.90.20.8

Best by Position
Next, we look at 1995 Major-League leaders in eWOPA by position. The figures shown here only include Player decisions earned while playing this particular position, and include no contextual adjustments (expected or actual).

eWins eLosses eWOPA
Mike Piazza13.89.82.1

First Base
eWins eLosses eWOPA
Mark McGwire11.96.92.1

Second Base
eWins eLosses eWOPA
Craig Biggio22.118.81.8

Third Base
eWins eLosses eWOPA
Jim Thome16.513.01.7

eWins eLosses eWOPA
John Valentin19.315.42.6

Left Field
eWins eLosses eWOPA
Barry Bonds23.116.72.6

Center Field
eWins eLosses eWOPA
Jim Edmonds17.915.01.7
Bernie Williams18.916.11.7

Right Field
eWins eLosses eWOPA
Tim Salmon20.715.62.0

Starting Pitcher
eWins eLosses eWOPA
Greg Maddux12.06.03.2

Relief Pitcher
eWins eLosses eWOPA
Jose Mesa4.02.30.7

For relief pitchers, context-neutral records may not be the best measure of how good they are, as context can matter a great deal, depending on how a pitcher is used. Here are the top relief pitchers of 1995 in context, in terms of pWins and pWOPA.

Top Relief Pitchers of 1995, based on pWORL
Player pWins pLosses pWin Pct. pWOPA pWORL
Jose Mesa6.82.20.7572.12.7
Tom Henke6.52.80.7011.62.3
Todd Worrell6.22.80.6901.52.1
Mark Wohlers6.33.20.6621.32.0
Curt Leskanic6.94.30.6141.11.8

Jose Mesa was outstanding in 1995: 46 saves in 48 opportunities, a 1.13 ERA. Still, he only pitched 64 innings. As a result, his pWins and pWORL are only pretty good for a relief pitcher. His winning percentage, however, of 0.757 was outstanding. The top 10 single-season winning percentages for pWins, for players with at least three pWins are shown in the next table.

Top Single-Season pWinPct
Player Season pWins pLosses pWin Pct. pWOPA pWORL
Zach Britton20167.71.80.8122.73.4
Kenley Jansen20177.82.10.7862.73.5
Joe Nathan20066.71.80.7852.32.9
Koji Uehara20135.11.50.7751.72.2
Andrew Miller20167.92.30.7702.53.2
Mariano Rivera19986.41.90.7702.12.6
Tim Burke19877.62.30.7642.53.1
Zach Britton20156.52.00.7642.02.6
Keith Foulke20009.12.80.7633.03.8
Willie Hernandez19849.93.10.7623.13.9

Designated Hitter
eWins eLosses eWOPA
Edgar Martinez15.29.62.3

Finally, here are the best at three oft-forgotten positions that can nevertheless matter: pitcher offense, pinch hitting, and pinch running.

Pitcher Offense
eWins eLosses eWOPA
Allen Watson0.90.70.4
Chris Hammond1.01.10.4

Pinch Hitter
eWins eLosses eWOPA
John Vander Wal2.11.30.5

Pinch Runner
eWins eLosses eWOPA
James Mouton0.10.00.0
Shannon Stewart0.10.00.0
Rich Amaral0.20.10.0
Vince Coleman0.10.00.0
Alex Diaz0.10.00.0
Ray Holbert0.10.00.0
Joey Cora0.10.00.0
Andy Stankiewicz0.10.00.0
Ricky Otero0.00.00.0
Delino DeShields Sr.
Howard Battle0.00.00.0
Melvin Nieves0.00.00.0
Manny Alexander0.00.00.0
Quilvio Veras0.10.00.0
Garey Ingram0.00.00.0
John Wehner0.00.00.0
Marc Newfield0.00.00.0
Tripp Cromer0.00.00.0
Tom Goodwin0.00.00.0
Andujar Cedeno0.00.00.0
Shawn Green0.00.00.0
Todd Steverson0.00.00.0
Milt Cuyler0.00.00.0
Lee Tinsley0.00.00.0
Lou Frazier0.10.10.0
Ernie Young0.00.00.0
Scott Brosius0.00.00.0
Terry Bradshaw0.00.00.0
Wes Chamberlain0.00.00.0
Matt Mieske0.00.00.0
Mark T. McLemore0.00.00.0
Doug Strange0.00.00.0
Jeff Reboulet0.00.00.0
J.R. Phillips0.00.00.0
Tim Spehr0.00.00.0
Archi Cianfrocco0.00.00.0
Jerome Walton0.00.00.0
Jack Voigt0.00.00.0
Dave Martinez0.00.00.0
Jeff Cirillo0.00.00.0
Terry Shumpert0.00.00.0
Randy Velarde0.00.00.0
Chuck Carr0.00.00.0
Gerald Williams0.00.00.0
Ray McDavid0.00.00.0
Jim Eisenreich0.00.00.0
Domingo Cedeno0.00.00.0
Trenidad Hubbard0.00.00.0
Gary DiSarcina0.00.00.0
Tomas Perez0.00.00.0
Alvaro Espinoza0.00.00.0
Alex Arias0.00.00.0
Dave Silvestri0.00.00.0
Jose Rijo0.00.00.0
Jose J. Bautista0.00.00.0
Pete J. Smith0.00.00.0
Mark Carreon0.00.00.0
Sandy Alomar Jr.
Chris Hook0.00.00.0
Mark Clark0.00.00.0
Ken Hill0.00.00.0
William Van Landingham0.00.00.0
Charles Nagy0.00.00.0
Billy Ripken0.00.00.0
John Frascatore0.00.00.0
Dave Winfield0.00.00.0
Ray Lankford0.00.00.0
Vinny Castilla0.00.00.0
Jeff Parrett0.00.00.0
Mike Kingery0.00.00.0
Tom Urbani0.00.00.0
Lance Painter0.00.00.0
John Dettmer0.00.00.0
A.J. Sager0.00.00.0
Pat Ahearne0.00.00.0
Roger McDowell0.00.00.0
Chad Curtis0.00.00.0
Roger Pavlik0.00.00.0
Kirk Gibson0.00.00.0
Ed Vosberg0.00.00.0
Jose Lima0.00.00.0
Brad Cornett0.00.00.0
Pat Hentgen0.00.00.0
Sean Whiteside0.00.00.0
Paul Molitor0.00.00.0
Greg Colbrunn0.00.00.0
Chris Hammond0.00.00.0
Russ Morman0.00.00.0
Rich Scheid0.00.00.0
Darrell Whitmore0.00.00.0
Mike Brumley Jr.
Mike Hampton0.00.00.0
Derrick May0.00.00.0
Mike Simms0.00.00.0
Scott Anderson0.00.00.0
Brent Cookson0.00.00.0
Mark Gubicza0.00.00.0
Wally Joyner0.00.00.0
Keith A. Miller0.00.00.0
Dennis Rasmussen0.00.00.0
Jim Bruske0.00.00.0
Hideo Nomo0.00.00.0
Eddie Pye0.00.00.0
Mitch Webster0.00.00.0
Mike Fetters0.00.00.0
Pat Listach0.00.00.0
Dave Nilsson0.00.00.0
Joe Slusarski0.00.00.0
Turner Ward0.00.00.0
Marty Cordova0.00.00.0
Riccardo Ingram0.00.00.0
Pat Meares0.00.00.0
Rich W. Robertson0.00.00.0
Carl Willis0.00.00.0
Reid Cornelius0.00.00.0
Mike Devereaux0.00.00.0
Mark Grudzielanek0.00.00.0
Brian Kowitz0.00.00.0
Carlos Gross Perez0.00.00.0
Mike Mordecai0.00.00.0
Joe Siddall0.00.00.0
Jason Schmidt0.00.00.0
Joe Ausanio0.00.00.0
Brad Woodall0.00.00.0
Kevin Elster0.00.00.0
Joe Borowski0.00.00.0
Pat F. Kelly0.00.00.0
Sid Fernandez0.00.00.0
Jeff Patterson0.00.00.0
Jeff Huson0.00.00.0
Mike Stanley0.00.00.0
Jamie Moyer0.00.00.0
Edgardo Alfonzo0.00.00.0
Arthur Rhodes0.00.00.0
Carl Everett0.00.00.0
Brian Bark0.00.00.0
Jason Isringhausen0.00.00.0
Vaughn Eshelman0.00.00.0
Alex Ochoa0.00.00.0
Joe Hudson0.00.00.0
Ryan Thompson0.00.00.0
Ron Mahay0.00.00.0
Steve Rodriguez0.00.00.0
Brent Gates0.00.00.0
Jeff Suppan0.00.00.0
Mark McGwire0.00.00.0
Dave Stewart0.00.00.0
Rod Correia0.00.00.0
Chuck Finley0.00.00.0
Jim Deshaies0.00.00.0
Mike James0.00.00.0
Charlie Hayes0.00.00.0
Bob Patterson0.00.00.0
Mike Mimbs0.00.00.0
J.T. Snow0.00.00.0
Mike Bertotti0.00.00.0
Rich Aude0.00.00.0
Tim Fortugno0.00.00.0
John Ericks0.00.00.0
Brian Keyser0.00.00.0
Dennis Konuszewski0.00.00.0
Kirk McCaskill0.00.00.0
Dan Miceli0.00.00.0
Jeff Shaw0.00.00.0
Paul Wagner0.00.00.0
Terry Adams0.00.00.0
Andy Benes0.00.00.0
Tom Edens0.00.00.0
Glenn Dishman0.00.00.0
Bryan Hickerson0.00.00.0
Jaime Navarro0.00.00.0
Sammy Sosa0.00.00.0
Brian Williams0.00.00.0
Anthony Young0.00.00.0
Hector Carrasco0.00.00.0
Ken Griffey Jr.
Xavier Hernandez0.00.00.0
Jim Mecir0.00.00.0
Chuck McElroy0.00.00.0
Deion Sanders0.00.00.0
Frank Viola0.00.00.0
Shawn Estes0.00.00.0
Carlos Baerga0.00.00.0
Mark Leonard0.00.00.0
Kenny Lofton0.00.00.0
Rene Arocha0.00.00.0
Tony Pena Sr.
Scott Cooper0.00.00.0
Paul Sorrento0.00.00.0
T.J. Mathews0.00.00.0
Andres Galarraga0.00.00.0
Mark Petkovsek0.00.00.0
Roberto Mejia0.00.00.0
Bryan Rekar0.00.00.0
Jeff Frye0.00.00.0
Mark Thompson0.00.00.0
Wilson Heredia0.00.00.0
Ben Blomdahl0.00.00.0
Otis Nixon0.00.00.0
Cecil Fielder0.00.00.0
Jeff Russell0.00.00.0
Buddy Groom0.00.00.0
Mike Moore0.00.00.0
Carlos Delgado0.00.00.0
Franklin Stubbs0.00.00.0
Ricardo Jordan0.00.00.0
Robert Perez0.00.00.0
Steve Decker0.00.00.0
Jeff Ware0.00.00.0
Charles Johnson0.00.00.0
Robb Nen0.00.00.0
Jesus Tavarez0.00.00.0
Jeff Bagwell0.00.00.0
Brian L. Hunter0.00.00.0
Jeff Tabaka0.00.00.0
Tom Browning0.00.00.0
Gary Gaetti0.00.00.0
Phil Hiatt0.00.00.0
Mike Magnante0.00.00.0
Dilson Torres0.00.00.0
Tom Candiotti0.00.00.0
Karim Garcia0.00.00.0
Eric Karros0.00.00.0
Chan Ho Park0.00.00.0
Rudy Seanez0.00.00.0
Todd Worrell0.00.00.0
David Hulse0.00.00.0
Mike Matheny0.00.00.0
Ron Rightnowar0.00.00.0
Mike Thomas0.00.00.0
Bernardo Brito0.00.00.0
Chip Hale0.00.00.0
Scott Leius0.00.00.0
Pedro Munoz0.00.00.0
Scott Stahoviak0.00.00.0
Rafael Belliard0.00.00.0
Darrin Fletcher0.00.00.0
Marquis Grissom0.00.00.0
Gil Heredia0.00.00.0
Greg Maddux0.00.00.0
Kirk Rueter0.00.00.0
Charlie O'Brien0.00.00.0
Tony Tarasco0.00.00.0
John Smoltz0.00.00.0
Wade Boggs0.00.00.0
Harold Baines0.00.00.0
Rick Honeycutt0.00.00.0
Bob MacDonald0.00.00.0
Andy Pettitte0.00.00.0
Rick Krivda0.00.00.0
Sherman Obando0.00.00.0
Tim Bogar0.00.00.0
Andy Van Slyke0.00.00.0
John Franco0.00.00.0
Jose Canseco0.00.00.0
Jeff Kent0.00.00.0
Erik Hanson0.00.00.0
Robert Person0.00.00.0
Joel Johnston0.00.00.0
Mark Acre0.00.00.0
Troy O'Leary0.00.00.0
Ron Darling0.00.00.0
Aaron Sele0.00.00.0
Eric Helfand0.00.00.0
Tim Van Egmond0.00.00.0
Garret Anderson0.00.00.0
Todd Van Poppel0.00.00.0
Toby Borland0.00.00.0
Rene Gonzales0.00.00.0
Paul Fletcher0.00.00.0
Carlos A. Martinez0.00.00.0
Jeff Juden0.00.00.0
Tony Phillips0.00.00.0
Paul Quantrill0.00.00.0
Mitch Williams0.00.00.0
Kevin Stocker0.00.00.0
Jason Christiansen0.00.00.0
Atlee Hammaker0.00.00.0
Jim Gott0.00.00.0
Andrew Lorraine0.00.00.0
Esteban Loaiza0.00.00.0
Scott Radinsky0.00.00.0
Steve Parris0.00.00.0
Chris Snopek0.00.00.0
Gary M. Wilson0.00.00.0
Jim Bullinger0.00.00.0
Doug Bochtler0.00.00.0
Rich Garces0.00.00.0
Bryce Florie0.00.00.0
Joe Kmak0.00.00.0
Marc Kroon0.00.00.0
Todd Pratt0.00.00.0
Ozzie Timmons0.00.00.0
Damon Berryhill0.00.00.0
Ron Gant0.00.00.0
Randy 'Big Unit' Johnson0.00.00.0
Mike R. Jackson0.00.00.0
Arquimedez Pozo0.00.00.0
Eric Owens0.00.00.0
Pete Schourek0.00.00.0
Jamie Brewington0.00.00.0
Nigel Wilson0.00.00.0
Kenny Greer0.00.00.0
Bud Black0.00.00.0
Terry Mulholland0.00.00.0
Jason Grimsley0.00.00.0
Carlos Valdez0.00.00.0
Jose Mesa0.00.00.0
Jim Richard Poole0.00.00.0
Rich DeLucia0.00.00.0
Eddie Tucker0.00.00.0
Danny Jackson0.00.00.0
Ellis Burks0.00.00.0
Tom Pagnozzi0.00.00.0
Darren Holmes0.00.00.0
Ozzie Smith0.00.00.0
Omar Olivares0.00.00.0
Will Clark0.00.00.0
Bruce Ruffin0.00.00.0
Rusty Greer0.00.00.0
Walt Weiss0.00.00.0
Candy Maldonado0.00.00.0
Mike Christopher0.00.00.0
Mike Pagliarulo0.00.00.0
Travis Fryman0.00.00.0
Bob Tewksbury0.00.00.0
Dwayne Henry0.00.00.0
Tony J. Castillo0.00.00.0
Rudy Pemberton0.00.00.0
Juan Guzman0.00.00.0
Sandy Martinez0.00.00.0
John Burkett0.00.00.0
Jimmy Rogers0.00.00.0
Mark Gardner0.00.00.0
Matt Mantei0.00.00.0
Jay Powell0.00.00.0
Randy Veres0.00.00.0
Pat Borders0.00.00.0
Dave Magadan0.00.00.0
Billy Wagner0.00.00.0
Tom Gordon0.00.00.0
Jason Jacome0.00.00.0
Rusty Meacham0.00.00.0
Jim Pittsley0.00.00.0
Billy Ashley0.00.00.0
John Cummings0.00.00.0
Dave Hansen0.00.00.0
Raul Mondesi Sr.
Mike Piazza0.00.00.0
Ismael Valdez0.00.00.0
Scott Karl0.00.00.0
Kevin Seitzer0.00.00.0
Greg Vaughn0.00.00.0
Alex Cole0.00.00.0
Dennis Hocking0.00.00.0
Dan Masteller0.00.00.0
Brad Radke0.00.00.0
Matt Walbeck0.00.00.0
Sean Berry0.00.00.0
Terry Clark0.00.00.0
Willie Fraser0.00.00.0
Dave Leiper0.00.00.0
Greg McMichael0.00.00.0
Tim Scott0.00.00.0
Eddie Perez0.00.00.0
Gabe White0.00.00.0
Terrell Wade0.00.00.0
Robert Eenhoorn0.00.00.0
Armando Benitez0.00.00.0
Derek Jeter0.00.00.0
Cesar Devarez0.00.00.0
Jack McDowell0.00.00.0
Jimmy Haynes0.00.00.0
Ruben Rivera0.00.00.0
Ben McDonald0.00.00.0
Bernie Williams0.00.00.0
Rafael Palmeiro0.00.00.0
Alberto T. Castillo0.00.00.0
Rick Aguilera0.00.00.0
Todd Hundley0.00.00.0
Rheal Cormier0.00.00.0
Blas Minor0.00.00.0
Dave Hollins0.00.00.0
Kelly Stinnett0.00.00.0
Mike Macfarlane0.00.00.0
Mike Bordick0.00.00.0
Carlos Rodriguez0.00.00.0
Ramon Fermin0.00.00.0
Zane Smith0.00.00.0
Stan Javier0.00.00.0
Mark Whiten0.00.00.0
Carlos Reyes0.00.00.0
Shawn Boskie0.00.00.0
George E. Williams0.00.00.0
Jim Edmonds0.00.00.0
Norm Charlton0.00.00.0
Mark Holzemer0.00.00.0
Tommy Greene0.00.00.0
Spike Owen0.00.00.0
Tony Longmire0.00.00.0
Dick Schofield Jr.
Gene Schall0.00.00.0
James Baldwin0.00.00.0
David West0.00.00.0
Ray Durham0.00.00.0
Mike Dyer0.00.00.0
Matt Karchner0.00.00.0
Mark P. Johnson0.00.00.0
Jeff McCurry0.00.00.0
Scott Ruffcorn0.00.00.0
Mackey Sasser0.00.00.0
Chris Tremie0.00.00.0
Frank Castillo0.00.00.0
Todd Haney0.00.00.0
Dustin Hermanson0.00.00.0
Randy Myers0.00.00.0
Tim Mauser0.00.00.0
Rey Sanchez0.00.00.0
Fernando Valenzuela0.00.00.0
Turk Wendell0.00.00.0
Mike Blowers0.00.00.0
Jeff Branson0.00.00.0
Matt Grott0.00.00.0
Edgar Martinez0.00.00.0
Darren Lewis0.00.00.0
Rick Reed0.00.00.0
John Roper0.00.00.0
Rod Beck0.00.00.0
Scott Sullivan0.00.00.0
Royce Clayton0.00.00.0
Ruben Amaro Jr.
Dennis Cook0.00.00.0
Jeff Reed0.00.00.0
Wayne Kirby0.00.00.0
Matt D. Williams0.00.00.0
Chad Ogea0.00.00.0
Ramon Caraballo0.00.00.0
Joe Roa0.00.00.0
Ray Giannelli0.00.00.0
Juan Acevedo0.00.00.0
Manuel Lee0.00.00.0
Craig Counsell0.00.00.0
Geronimo Pena0.00.00.0
Curt Leskanic0.00.00.0
Allen Watson0.00.00.0
Harvey Pulliam0.00.00.0
Hector Fajardo0.00.00.0
Bill C. Swift0.00.00.0
Danny Bautista0.00.00.0
Ivan Rodriguez0.00.00.0
Greg Gohr0.00.00.0
Matt Whiteside0.00.00.0
Felipe Lira0.00.00.0
Danny Cox0.00.00.0
Clint Sodowsky0.00.00.0
Kevin Wickander0.00.00.0
John Olerud0.00.00.0
Jeff Conine0.00.00.0
Mike Timlin0.00.00.0
Bryan Harvey0.00.00.0
Rob Murphy0.00.00.0
Gary Sheffield0.00.00.0
Bobby Witt0.00.00.0
Dean Hartgraves0.00.00.0
Craig McMurtry0.00.00.0
Kevin Appier0.00.00.0
Johnny Damon0.00.00.0
Bob Hamelin0.00.00.0
Doug Linton0.00.00.0
Jeff Montgomery0.00.00.0
Chris Stynes0.00.00.0
Mike Busch0.00.00.0
Joey Eischen0.00.00.0
Jose Offerman0.00.00.0
Felix Rodriguez0.00.00.0
Brian Givens0.00.00.0
Graeme Lloyd0.00.00.0
Joe Oliver0.00.00.0
Steve W. Sparks0.00.00.0
Bill Wegman0.00.00.0
Steve R. Dunn0.00.00.0
Chuck Knoblauch0.00.00.0
Matt Merullo0.00.00.0
Mo Sanford0.00.00.0
Moises Alou0.00.00.0
Steve Avery0.00.00.0
Bryan Eversgerd0.00.00.0
Ed Giovanola0.00.00.0
Greg A. Harris0.00.00.0
Mark Lemke0.00.00.0
Curtis Pride0.00.00.0
Matt Murray0.00.00.0
Mike Sharperson0.00.00.0
Scott Bankhead0.00.00.0
Tony Fernandez0.00.00.0
Jarvis Brown0.00.00.0
Jimmy Key0.00.00.0
Leo Gomez0.00.00.0
Dave Pavlas0.00.00.0
Doug Jones0.00.00.0
Darryl Strawberry0.00.00.0
Mike Mussina0.00.00.0
Jeff Barry0.00.00.0
Cal Ripken0.00.00.0
Don Florence0.00.00.0
Stan Belinda0.00.00.0
Bobby J. Jones0.00.00.0
Mike Greenwell0.00.00.0
Joe Orsulak0.00.00.0
Chris James0.00.00.0
Willie McGee0.00.00.0
Jim Corsi0.00.00.0
Rich Rowland0.00.00.0
Jason Giambi0.00.00.0
Mike Mohler0.00.00.0
Andy Allanson0.00.00.0
Todd Stottlemyre0.00.00.0
Mark Dalesandro0.00.00.0
Kyle Abbott0.00.00.0
Lenny Dykstra0.00.00.0
Mark Langston0.00.00.0
Gregg Jefferies0.00.00.0
Troy Percival0.00.00.0
Mickey Morandini0.00.00.0
Russ Springer0.00.00.0
Heathcliff Slocumb0.00.00.0
Rodney Bolton0.00.00.0
Jay Bell0.00.00.0
Craig Grebeck0.00.00.0
Carlos Garcia0.00.00.0
John Kruk0.00.00.0
Jon Lieber0.00.00.0
Lyle Mouton0.00.00.0
Ramon Morel0.00.00.0
Bill Simas0.00.00.0
Willie Banks0.00.00.0
Andres Berumen0.00.00.0
Kevin Foster0.00.00.0
Donnie Elliott0.00.00.0
Mike Hubbard0.00.00.0
Tim Hyers0.00.00.0
Mark Parent0.00.00.0
Tanyon Sturtze0.00.00.0
Eddie Williams0.00.00.0
Todd Zeile0.00.00.0
Jay Buhner0.00.00.0
John Courtright0.00.00.0
Lee Guetterman0.00.00.0
Thomas Howard0.00.00.0
Jeff Nelson0.00.00.0
Hal Morris0.00.00.0
Salomon Torres0.00.00.0
Dan Wilson0.00.00.0
Reggie L. Sanders0.00.00.0
Todd Benzinger0.00.00.0
Kirt Manwaring0.00.00.0
John E. Farrell0.00.00.0
Scott Service0.00.00.0
Albie Lopez0.00.00.0
Cory Bailey0.00.00.0
Herb Perry0.00.00.0
Doug Creek0.00.00.0
Julian Tavarez0.00.00.0
Tom Henke0.00.00.0
Dante Bichette0.00.00.0
Jose Oquendo0.00.00.0
Joe Girardi0.00.00.0
Rich Rodriguez0.00.00.0
Mike Munoz0.00.00.0
Mark Brandenburg0.00.00.0
Armando Reynoso0.00.00.0
John Vander Wal0.00.00.0
Sam Horn0.00.00.0
Joe Boever0.00.00.0
Darren Oliver0.00.00.0
John Flaherty0.00.00.0
Scott M. Taylor0.00.00.0
Joe Hall0.00.00.0
Giovanni Carrara0.00.00.0
Mike Myers0.00.00.0
Ron Tingley0.00.00.0
Randy Knorr0.00.00.0
Ryan Bowen0.00.00.0
Mario Diaz0.00.00.0
Devon White0.00.00.0
John Johnstone0.00.00.0
Terry Pendleton0.00.00.0
Marc Valdes0.00.00.0
Derek Bell0.00.00.0
Tony Eusebio0.00.00.0
Todd Jones0.00.00.0
Phil Plantier0.00.00.0
Melvin Bunch0.00.00.0
Greg Gagne0.00.00.0
David Howard0.00.00.0
Brent Mayne0.00.00.0
Jon Nunnally0.00.00.0
Juan Castro0.00.00.0
Mark Guthrie0.00.00.0
Roberto Kelly0.00.00.0
Rick Parker0.00.00.0
Kevin Tapani0.00.00.0
Ricky Bones0.00.00.0
Mike Ignasiak0.00.00.0
Jamie McAndrew0.00.00.0
Sid Roberson0.00.00.0
Tim Unroe0.00.00.0
Kevin Campbell0.00.00.0
Greg W. Harris0.00.00.0
Kevin Maas0.00.00.0
Kirby Puckett0.00.00.0
Dave Stevens0.00.00.0
Luis Aquino0.00.00.0
Jeff Blauser0.00.00.0
Cliff Floyd0.00.00.0
Chipper Jones0.00.00.0
Tim Laker0.00.00.0
Darrell May0.00.00.0
F.P. Santangelo0.00.00.0
Jose Oliva0.00.00.0
J.J. Thobe0.00.00.0
W. Mike Stanton0.00.00.0
David Cone0.00.00.0
Bret Barberie0.00.00.0
Steve Howe0.00.00.0
Jim Dedrick0.00.00.0
Josias Manzanillo0.00.00.0
Gene Harris0.00.00.0
Jorge Posada0.00.00.0
Mark O. Lee0.00.00.0
John Wetteland0.00.00.0
Mike Oquist0.00.00.0
Rico Brogna0.00.00.0
Pete Harnisch0.00.00.0
Aaron Ledesma0.00.00.0
Bill Haselman0.00.00.0
Bill Pulsipher0.00.00.0
Derek Lilliquist0.00.00.0
Scott Baker (1995)
Jeff Pierce0.00.00.0
Dennis Eckersley0.00.00.0
Keith Shepherd0.00.00.0
Rickey Henderson0.00.00.0
Mo Vaughn0.00.00.0
Steve Phoenix0.00.00.0
Erik Bennett0.00.00.0
John Wasdin0.00.00.0
Damion Easley0.00.00.0
Ricky Bottalico0.00.00.0
John Habyan0.00.00.0
Steve Frey0.00.00.0
Rich Monteleone0.00.00.0
Ryan Karp0.00.00.0
Tim Salmon0.00.00.0
Randy Ready0.00.00.0
Wilson Alvarez0.00.00.0
Gary Varsho0.00.00.0
Jose DeLeon0.00.00.0
Dave Clark0.00.00.0
Roberto M. Hernandez0.00.00.0
Lee Hancock0.00.00.0
Barry Lyons0.00.00.0
Ravelo Manzanillo0.00.00.0
Tim Raines Sr.
Steve Pegues0.00.00.0
Frank E. Thomas0.00.00.0
Kevin Young0.00.00.0
Ken Caminiti0.00.00.0
Luis 'Gonzo' Gonzalez0.00.00.0
Tony Gwynn Sr.
Brian McRae0.00.00.0
Bill Krueger0.00.00.0
Roberto Rivera0.00.00.0
Bip Roberts0.00.00.0
Steve Trachsel0.00.00.0
Bobby Ayala0.00.00.0
Bret Boone0.00.00.0
Scott Davison0.00.00.0
Steve Gibralter0.00.00.0
Kevin King0.00.00.0
Kevin Jarvis0.00.00.0
Bill Risley0.00.00.0
Mark Portugal0.00.00.0
Shawn Barton0.00.00.0
John Smiley0.00.00.0
Enrique C. Burgos0.00.00.0
Craig Worthington0.00.00.0
Glenallen Hill0.00.00.0
Jeromy Burnitz0.00.00.0
John A. Patterson0.00.00.0
Orel Hershiser0.00.00.0
Sergio Valdez0.00.00.0
Eddie Murray0.00.00.0
Alan Benes0.00.00.0
Manny Ramirez0.00.00.0
Tony Fossas0.00.00.0
Omar Vizquel0.00.00.0
Pedro Castellano0.00.00.0
Vicente Palacios0.00.00.0
Jayhawk Owens0.00.00.0
Danny Darwin0.00.00.0
Bret Saberhagen0.00.00.0
Kevin Gross0.00.00.0
John Marzano0.00.00.0
Tony Clark0.00.00.0
Dean Palmer0.00.00.0
Mike Gardiner0.00.00.0
Dave Valle0.00.00.0
Bobby Higginson0.00.00.0
Shannon Penn0.00.00.0
Darren Hall0.00.00.0
Lou Whitaker0.00.00.0
Paul Menhart0.00.00.0
Ed Sprague Jr.
Tommy Gregg0.00.00.0
Terry Mathews0.00.00.0
Pat Rapp0.00.00.0
Dave Weathers0.00.00.0
Doug Brocail0.00.00.0
Dave Hajek0.00.00.0
Pedro A. Martinez0.00.00.0
Craig Shipley0.00.00.0
Donne Wall0.00.00.0
Jim Converse0.00.00.0
Jeff Grotewold0.00.00.0
Felix Jose0.00.00.0
Joe Randa0.00.00.0
Pedro Astacio0.00.00.0
Omar Daal0.00.00.0
Greg Hansell0.00.00.0
Noe Munoz0.00.00.0
Tom Prince0.00.00.0
Tim Wallach0.00.00.0
Cal Eldred0.00.00.0
Mark Kiefer0.00.00.0
Angel Miranda0.00.00.0
Fernando Vina0.00.00.0
Ron Coomer0.00.00.0
Vince Horsman0.00.00.0
David McCarty0.00.00.0
Scott Watkins0.00.00.0
Wil Cordero0.00.00.0
Brad Clontz0.00.00.0
Ryan Klesko0.00.00.0
Pedro J. Martinez0.00.00.0
Kent Mercker0.00.00.0
David Segui0.00.00.0
Rondell White0.00.00.0
Mark Wohlers0.00.00.0
Dave Eiland0.00.00.0
Bobby Bonilla0.00.00.0
Scott Kamieniecki0.00.00.0
Scott Erickson0.00.00.0
Paul O'Neill0.00.00.0
Chris Hoiles0.00.00.0
Ruben Sierra0.00.00.0
Alan Mills0.00.00.0
Brad Pennington0.00.00.0
Jerry Dipoto0.00.00.0
Luis Alicea0.00.00.0
Butch Huskey0.00.00.0
Chris Donnels0.00.00.0
Dave Mlicki0.00.00.0
Dwayne Hosey0.00.00.0
Dave Telgheder0.00.00.0
Mike Maddux0.00.00.0
John Briscoe0.00.00.0
Frank Rodriguez0.00.00.0
Matt Stairs0.00.00.0
Doug Johns0.00.00.0
Jim Abbott0.00.00.0
Terry Steinbach0.00.00.0
Mike Butcher0.00.00.0
Steve Wojciechowski0.00.00.0
Jorge Fabregas0.00.00.0
Darren Daulton0.00.00.0
Tyler Green0.00.00.0
Orlando Palmeiro0.00.00.0
Tom Marsh0.00.00.0
Lee Smith0.00.00.0
Curt Schilling0.00.00.0
Jason Bere0.00.00.0
Mike Williams0.00.00.0
Alex Fernandez0.00.00.0
Ron Karkovice0.00.00.0
Jeff King0.00.00.0
Norberto Martin0.00.00.0
Orlando Merced0.00.00.0
Chris Sabo0.00.00.0
Don Slaught0.00.00.0
Robin Ventura0.00.00.0
Bill Bean0.00.00.0
Shawon Dunston0.00.00.0
Trevor Hoffman0.00.00.0
Chris Nabholz0.00.00.0
Scott Servais0.00.00.0
Ron Villone0.00.00.0
Rick Wilkins0.00.00.0
Chris Bosio0.00.00.0
Dave Burba0.00.00.0
Lenny Harris0.00.00.0
Tino Martinez0.00.00.0
Mark Lewis0.00.00.0
Mike Remlinger0.00.00.0
Johnny Ruffin0.00.00.0
Eddie Taubensee0.00.00.0
Mark Dewey0.00.00.0
Paul Assenmacher0.00.00.0
Mark Leiter Sr.
Alan Embree0.00.00.0
Joe Rosselli0.00.00.0
Jesse Levis0.00.00.0
Trevor Wilson0.00.00.0
Gregg Olson0.00.00.0
Darnell Coles0.00.00.0
Paul Shuey0.00.00.0
Bernard Gilkey0.00.00.0
Roger Bailey0.00.00.0
John Mabry0.00.00.0
Marvin Freeman0.00.00.0
Gerald Perry0.00.00.0
Quinton McCracken0.00.00.0
Jose Alberro0.00.00.0
Steve Reed0.00.00.0
Jim Tatum0.00.00.0
Rick Helling0.00.00.0
Sean Bergman0.00.00.0
Chris Nichting0.00.00.0
John H. Doherty0.00.00.0
Kenny Rogers0.00.00.0
Chris Gomez0.00.00.0
Roberto Alomar0.00.00.0
Brian Maxcy0.00.00.0
Tim Crabtree0.00.00.0
Edwin Hurtado0.00.00.0
Kurt Abbott0.00.00.0
Lance Parrish0.00.00.0
Andre Dawson0.00.00.0
Duane Ward0.00.00.0
Jeremy Hernandez0.00.00.0
Bob Natal0.00.00.0
Aaron Small0.00.00.0
Eddie Zosky0.00.00.0
Jim Dougherty0.00.00.0
John Hudek0.00.00.0
Orlando Miller0.00.00.0
Greg Swindell0.00.00.0
Billy Brewer0.00.00.0
Dave Fleming0.00.00.0
Chris Haney0.00.00.0
Keith Lockhart0.00.00.0
Jose Mota0.00.00.0
Mike Sweeney0.00.00.0
Brett Butler0.00.00.0
Chad Fonville0.00.00.0
Antonio Osuna0.00.00.0
Henry Rodriguez (1992)
Todd Williams0.00.00.0
Darryl Hamilton0.00.00.0
Mark Loretta0.00.00.0
Al Reyes0.00.00.0
B.J. Surhoff0.00.00.0
Rich Becker0.00.00.0
Eddie Guardado0.00.00.0
Matt Lawton0.00.00.0
Oscar Munoz0.00.00.0
Erik Schullstrom0.00.00.0
Tavo Alvarez0.00.00.0
Steve Bedrosian0.00.00.0
Jeff Fassero0.00.00.0
Tom Glavine0.00.00.0
Butch Henry0.00.00.0
Javy Lopez0.00.00.0
Mel Rojas0.00.00.0
Rod Nichols0.00.00.0
Dwight Smith Sr.
Brian Boehringer0.00.00.0
Brady Anderson0.00.00.0
Sterling Hitchcock0.00.00.0
J. Kevin Brown0.00.00.0
Jim Leyritz0.00.00.0
Curtis Goodwin0.00.00.0
Melido Perez0.00.00.0
Scott Klingenbeck0.00.00.0
Danny Tartabull0.00.00.0
Matt Nokes0.00.00.0
Mike Birkbeck0.00.00.0
Mark E. Smith0.00.00.0
Brook Fordyce0.00.00.0
Chris C. Jones0.00.00.0
Eric Gunderson0.00.00.0
Reggie Jefferson0.00.00.0
Pete Walker0.00.00.0
Tim Naehring0.00.00.0
Fausto Cruz0.00.00.0
Ken Ryan0.00.00.0
Brian Harper0.00.00.0
John Valentin0.00.00.0
Steve Ontiveros (1985)
Brian J. Anderson0.00.00.0
Chili Davis0.00.00.0
Gary Bennett0.00.00.0
Dave Gallagher0.00.00.0
Jose Lind0.00.00.0
Kevin Jordan0.00.00.0
Eduardo Perez0.00.00.0
Bobby Munoz0.00.00.0
Chris Turner0.00.00.0
Dennis Springer0.00.00.0
Jacob Brumfield0.00.00.0
Ozzie Guillen0.00.00.0
Freddy Adrian Garcia0.00.00.0
Mike LaValliere0.00.00.0
Warren Newson0.00.00.0
Mike Sirotka0.00.00.0
Rick White0.00.00.0
Steve Buechele0.00.00.0
Willie Blair0.00.00.0
Matt Franco0.00.00.0
Steve Finley0.00.00.0
Howard Johnson0.00.00.0
Brian D. Johnson0.00.00.0
Mike Perez0.00.00.0
Dave Swartzbaugh0.00.00.0
Tim Worrell0.00.00.0
Eric Anthony0.00.00.0
Rafael Carmona0.00.00.0
Mariano Duncan0.00.00.0
Tim Harikkala0.00.00.0
Brian R. Hunter0.00.00.0
Greg Pirkl0.00.00.0
C.J. Nitkowski0.00.00.0
Bob Wells0.00.00.0
Bob Wolcott0.00.00.0
Benito Santiago0.00.00.0
Barry Bonds0.00.00.0
David Wells0.00.00.0
Pat Gomez0.00.00.0
Albert Belle0.00.00.0
Steve Mintz0.00.00.0
Brian S. Giles0.00.00.0
Robby Thompson0.00.00.0
Dennis Martinez0.00.00.0
Brian Barber0.00.00.0
Eric Plunk0.00.00.0
Jim Thome0.00.00.0
Tim Hulett0.00.00.0
Jorge Brito0.00.00.0
Donovan Osborne0.00.00.0
Joe Grahe0.00.00.0
Danny Sheaffer0.00.00.0
David Nied0.00.00.0
Terry Burrows0.00.00.0
Kevin Ritz0.00.00.0
Juan Gonzalez0.00.00.0
Larry Walker0.00.00.0
Christian Howard0.00.00.0
Brian Bohanon0.00.00.0
Luis Ortiz0.00.00.0
Mickey Tettleton0.00.00.0
Mike Henneman0.00.00.0
Joe Carter0.00.00.0
Phil Nevin0.00.00.0
Alan Trammell0.00.00.0
Al Leiter0.00.00.0
Jerry Browne0.00.00.0
Kenny Robinson0.00.00.0
Matt Dunbar0.00.00.0
Gregory 'Woody' Williams0.00.00.0
Richie Lewis0.00.00.0
Yorkis Perez0.00.00.0
Craig Biggio0.00.00.0
Jerry Goff0.00.00.0
Darryl Kile0.00.00.0
Ross Powell0.00.00.0
Dave Veres0.00.00.0
Rick Huisman0.00.00.0
Russ McGinnis0.00.00.0
Hipolito Pichardo0.00.00.0
Joe Vitiello0.00.00.0
Chris Gwynn0.00.00.0
Ramon J. Martinez0.00.00.0
Jose Parra0.00.00.0
Jeff Treadway0.00.00.0
Jeff Bronkey0.00.00.0
John Jaha0.00.00.0
Jose Mercedes0.00.00.0
Bob Scanlan0.00.00.0
Jerald Clark0.00.00.0
LaTroy Hawkins0.00.00.0
Pat Mahomes0.00.00.0
Brian Raabe0.00.00.0
Mike Trombley0.00.00.0
Yamil Benitez0.00.00.0
Pedro Borbon Jr.
Tom M. Foley0.00.00.0
David Justice0.00.00.0
Mike Lansing0.00.00.0
Fred McGriff0.00.00.0
Curt Schmidt0.00.00.0
Alejandro Pena0.00.00.0
Ugueth Urbina0.00.00.0
Tom Thobe0.00.00.0
Russ Davis0.00.00.0
Dion James0.00.00.0
John DeSilva0.00.00.0
Don Mattingly0.00.00.0
Mike Hartley0.00.00.0
Mariano Rivera0.00.00.0
Jeff Manto0.00.00.0
Bob Wickman0.00.00.0
Jesse Orosco0.00.00.0
Paul Byrd0.00.00.0
Gregg Zaun0.00.00.0
Doug Henry0.00.00.0
Roger Clemens0.00.00.0
Kevin Lomon0.00.00.0
Scott Hatteberg0.00.00.0
Bill Spiers0.00.00.0
Brian Looney0.00.00.0
Geronimo Berroa0.00.00.0
Karl Rhodes0.00.00.0
Chris Eddy0.00.00.0
Tim Wakefield0.00.00.0
Ariel Prieto0.00.00.0
Mike Bielecki0.00.00.0
Don Wengert0.00.00.0
Ken Edenfield0.00.00.0
Andy Carter0.00.00.0
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Mike J. Grace0.00.00.0
Greg Myers0.00.00.0
Mike Lieberthal0.00.00.0
Scott Sanderson0.00.00.0
Chuck Ricci0.00.00.0
Luis Andujar0.00.00.0
Lenny Webster0.00.00.0
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Carlos A. Hernandez0.00.0-0.0
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Jose Valentin0.10.1-0.0
Tom Lampkin0.00.0-0.0
John Cangelosi0.00.0-0.0
Edgar Caceres0.00.0-0.0
Kevin Sefcik0.00.0-0.0
Mike R. Kelly0.00.1-0.0
Duane Singleton0.00.0-0.0
Allen Battle0.00.1-0.0
Kevin Bass0.00.0-0.0
Jose R. Herrera0.00.1-0.0
Luis Polonia0.00.1-0.0

Noteworthy Players of 1995

Finally, let's take a look at some players who had noteworthy 1995 seasons.

Notable Debuts
The winner of the 1995 National League Rookie of the Year award is probably not going to make the National Baseball Hall of Fame. But Hideo Nomo was a pioneer, helping to open Asia, especially Japan, to the major leagues.

Hideo Nomo's major-league career, as measured by Player won-lost records, is summarized in the next table.

Hideo Nomo
Basic Player Won-Lost Records
Value Decomposition
Season Team Age Games pWins pLosses pWin Pct. pWOPA pWORL eWins eLosses eWin Pct. eWOPA eWORL
------ ------ ------ ------ ------ ------ ------ ------ ------ ------ ------ ------ ------ ------
CAREER (reg. season)

Last Hurrahs
Finally, 1995 was the final season for two Hall-of-Famers: Dave Winfield and Kirby Puckett.

Their careers are compared in the final table below.

Dave Winfield Kirby Puckett
Season Games pWins pLoss Win Pct. pWOPA pWORL Games pWins pLoss Win Pct. pWOPA pWORL
------ ------ ------ ------ ------ ------ ------ ------ ------ ------ ------ ------ ------
CAREER RECORDS2,970392.9343.20.53414.8
(common rows)

All articles are written so that they pull data directly from the most recent version of the Player won-lost database. Hence, any numbers cited within these articles should automatically incorporate the most recent update to Player won-lost records. In some cases, however, the accompanying text may have been written based on previous versions of Player won-lost records. I apologize if this results in non-sensical text in any cases.

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