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The 2009 Season as seen through the Prism of Player Won-Lost Records

Next in my continuing series of looking at individual seasons through the prism of Player won-lost records is the 2009 season.

The Best of 2009

I calculate Player won-lost records two ways: pWins, which tie to team wins and eWins, which control for context and the ability of one's teammates. For players with more pWins than eWins, their Player wins contributed to more team wins than one might expect; for players with more eWins than pWins, just the opposite is true: their Player wins translated into fewer team wins than expected. Or more briefly: a player with more pWins than eWins was better in context, a player with more eWins than pWins was worse in context.

The top 10 players in pWins above Positional Average and Replacement Level were as follows.

pWins over Positional Average
Top 10 Players
          pWins over Replacement Level
Top 10 Players
Player pWins pLosses pWOPA pWORL           Player pWins pLosses pWOPA pWORL
1Adam Wainwright18.012.13.9
1Adam Wainwright18.012.13.9
2Albert Pujols24.814.73.8
2Albert Pujols24.814.73.8
3Zack Greinke16.110.03.5
3Zack Greinke16.110.03.5
4Tim Lincecum16.511.53.3
4Chase Utley23.116.33.2
5Josh Johnson15.410.43.3
5Tim Lincecum16.511.53.3
6Chris Carpenter (1997)
6Justin Verlander17.011.63.1
7Chase Utley23.116.33.2
7Felix Hernandez15.59.83.2
8Felix Hernandez15.59.83.2
8Josh Johnson15.410.43.3
9Justin Verlander17.011.63.1
9Chris Carpenter (1997)
10Ben Zobrist21.615.82.9
10Ben Zobrist21.615.82.9

The top 10 players in eWins above Positional Average and Replacement Level were as follows.

eWins over Positional Average
Top 10 Players
          eWins over Replacement Level
Top 10 Players
Player eWins eLosses eWOPA eWORL           Player eWins eLosses eWOPA eWORL
1Zack Greinke15.18.43.7
1Zack Greinke15.18.43.7
2Albert Pujols22.614.42.9
2Albert Pujols22.614.42.9
3Tim Lincecum14.710.52.9
3Tim Lincecum14.710.52.9
4Josh Johnson14.810.92.8
4Josh Johnson14.810.92.8
5Chris Carpenter (1997)
5Ben Zobrist20.715.42.6
6Joe Mauer15.711.22.7
6Chase Utley21.916.72.5
7Ben Zobrist20.715.42.6
7C.C. Sabathia15.211.02.5
8C.C. Sabathia15.211.02.5
8Justin Verlander15.711.62.4
9Chase Utley21.916.72.5
9Roy Halladay15.411.22.4
10Ubaldo Jimenez15.011.72.5
10Joe Mauer15.711.22.7

Based on the above tables, the 2009 season looked to be a very good year for pitchers with 7 of the top 10 players in pWOPA, pWORL, and eWOPA, and 5 of the top 10 in eWORL being pitchers.

I take a closer look at a few of the top players in the above tables next.

League-Leading Teammates
The top two players in pWins over positional average and replacement level in 2009 were teammates on the St. Louis Cardinals: Albert Pujols and Adam Wainwright.

The list of teammates for finished 1-2 in Major League Baseball in pWORL since 1939 is shown in the next table.

Teammates Finishing 1-2 in Major-League pWORL
Player 1 Player 2
Team Season Player 1 pWins pLosses pWOPA pWORL Player 2 pWins pLosses pWOPA pWORL
CLEBobby Avila24.915.25.0
Larry Doby26.915.34.9
NYAMickey Mantle23.313.54.2
Roger Maris22.513.83.8
NYAMickey Mantle25.814.94.8
Roger Maris26.915.54.4
SLNAdam Wainwright18.012.13.9
Albert Pujols24.814.73.8

The 2009 Cardinals teammates hold a couple of unique distinctions on that list. First, they are the only teammates who were a pitcher and position player (Wainwright is the only pitcher in the above table). The Cardinals are also the only team on that list who did not make the World Series.

Best in the American League: Zack Greinke
The best player in the American League in 2009, as measured by Player won-lost records (in or out of context), was Cy Young winner Zack Greinke. At the time, there was some old-school / new-school controversy regarding Greinke's 2009 season. On the one hand, Greinke's 2009 season was excellent by any measure - 2.16 ERA, 242 K's in 229.1 IP. On the other hand, he "only" won 16 games. Not entirely coincidentally, he also accumulated 16 pWins. But even tying his performance to team wins - and Greinke only won 16 games because his team, the Kansas City Royals only won 65 games - Greinke led the American League in pWins over either positional average or replacement level and did so fairly easily.

Zack Greinke has never matched his 2009 performance in any other season, but he has nevertheless had a very good career. Greinke's career, as measured by Player won-lost records, is presented in the next table.

Zack Greinke
Basic Player Won-Lost Records
Value Decomposition
Season Team Age Games pWins pLosses pWin Pct. pWOPA pWORL eWins eLosses eWin Pct. eWOPA eWORL
------ ------ ------ ------ ------ ------ ------ ------ ------ ------ ------ ------ ------ ------
CAREER (reg. season)
------ ------ ------ ------ ------
PostSeason (career)
11 0.7
------ ------ ------ ------ ------ ------ ------ ------ ------
162.4139.90.538 33.2

2009 Postseason

The 2009 postseason saw the Philadelphia Phillies win a second consecutive National League pennant, only to lose a 6-game World Series to the New York Yankees.

The one bright side for the Phillies in the 2009 postseason was the performance of Cliff Lee, who led all players in postseason pWins (total, as well as over either average or replacement level), on the strength of a 4-0 record in 5 starts, 40.1 IP, 33 K, and a 1.56 ERA.

2009 Postseason: Total
pWins pLosses pWORL
Cliff P. LeePHI2.80.91.3
Alex RodriguezNYA2.81.20.9
Hideki MatsuiNYA2.00.70.8

Top postseason players by round were as follows.

2009 Postseason: World Series
pWins pLosses pWORL
Cliff P. LeePHI1.20.30.6
Hideki MatsuiNYA1.20.20.6

2009 Postseason: League Championship Series
pWins pLosses pWORL
C.C. SabathiaNYA1.10.40.5
Ryan HowardPHI1.00.30.4
Carlos RuizPHI0.70.10.3
Alex RodriguezNYA0.90.40.3
Jayson WerthPHI1.10.60.3
Mariano RiveraNYA0.70.20.3

2009 Postseason: Division Series
pWins pLosses pWORL
Cliff P. LeePHI1.20.40.5
Alex RodriguezNYA0.80.20.4
Jered WeaverANA0.70.10.3
Torii HunterANA0.90.30.3
Vicente PadillaLAN0.70.20.3
Vladimir GuerreroANA0.80.30.3
Derek JeterNYA0.70.20.3
Andre EthierLAN0.80.30.3
Bobby AbreuANA0.70.20.3

Best of 2009 by Factor and Position

Next, let's look at the top players in (context-neutral, teammate-adjusted) eWins over Positional Average in various aspects of the game.
Best by Factor: Batting, Baserunning, Pitching, Fielding
There are four basic factors for which players earn Player won-lost records: Batting, Baserunning, Pitching, and Fielding. The top players in 2009 in eWOPA by factor were as follows.

eWins eLosses eWOPA
Albert Pujols17.710.63.3

Positional Average excludes pitcher offense

eWins eLosses eWOPA
Jacoby Ellsbury2.21.10.5
Michael Bourn2.31.40.4

Positional Average excludes pitcher offense

eWins eLosses Net Wins
Zack Greinke12.88.24.7
Tim Lincecum12.28.63.7

Fielding, P
eWins eLosses Net Wins
Zack Greinke0.40.10.3
Javier Vazquez0.40.10.3
Brandon Lyon0.40.10.3

Besides being the best player in the American League, Zack Greinke also led the major leagues in net Player pitching wins as well as net fielding wins by a pitcher. Only one other player has led the major leagues in both of these statistics for any year for which I have complete play-by-play data.

The list of players who led major league pitchers in both net pitching wins and net fielding wins (since 1939) is shown in the next table.

Major-League Leaders in Pitching and Fielding in the Same Season
Pitching Fielding
Player Season eWins eLosses eWOPA eWins eLosses eWOPA
Zack Greinke

Now, back to 2009 leaders.

Fielding, C
eWins eLosses Net Wins
Rob Johnson1.30.80.5

Fielding, 1B
eWins eLosses Net Wins
Adrian Gonzalez3.02.20.8

Fielding, 2B
eWins eLosses Net Wins
Ian Kinsler5.54.70.8

Fielding, 3B
eWins eLosses Net Wins
Pedro Feliz4.83.61.3

Fielding, SS
eWins eLosses Net Wins
Brendan Ryan4.73.61.0

Fielding, LF
eWins eLosses Net Wins
Carl Crawford6.24.91.4

Fielding, CF
eWins eLosses Net Wins
Franklin Gutierrez6.54.61.9

Fielding, RF
eWins eLosses Net Wins
Elijah Dukes3.82.81.0
Nelson R. Cruz5.44.41.0

Best by Position
Next, we look at 2009 Major-League leaders in eWOPA by position. The figures shown here only include Player decisions earned while playing this particular position, and include no contextual adjustments (expected or actual).

eWins eLosses eWOPA
Joe Mauer12.78.82.4

First Base
eWins eLosses eWOPA
Albert Pujols22.014.62.5

Second Base
eWins eLosses eWOPA
Chase Utley21.916.72.4

Third Base
eWins eLosses eWOPA
Evan Longoria19.815.82.0

eWins eLosses eWOPA
Hanley Ramirez21.017.91.8
Jason Bartlett17.615.01.8
Troy Tulowitzki20.217.21.8

Left Field
eWins eLosses eWOPA
Jason Bay21.117.61.6

Center Field
eWins eLosses eWOPA
Carlos Beltran11.78.91.3

Right Field
eWins eLosses eWOPA
Shin-Soo Choo17.414.21.3

Starting Pitcher
eWins eLosses eWOPA
Zack Greinke13.28.32.7

Relief Pitcher
eWins eLosses eWOPA
Andrew Bailey4.92.80.9

For relief pitchers, context-neutral records may not be the best measure of how good they are, as context can matter a great deal, depending on how a pitcher is used. Here are the top relief pitchers of 2009 in context, in terms of pWins and pWOPA.

Top Relief Pitchers of 2009, based on pWORL
Player pWins pLosses pWin Pct. pWOPA pWORL
Jonathan Papelbon7.83.40.6941.92.7
Jonathan Broxton7.13.00.7061.82.5
Joakim Soria5.92.10.7361.72.2
Joe Nathan7.03.50.6691.52.2
Fernando Rodney7.24.20.6341.22.0

Designated Hitter
eWins eLosses eWOPA
Hideki Matsui11.89.60.9
Adam Lind9.67.80.7
Jim Thome8.77.10.7

Finally, here are the best at three oft-forgotten positions that can nevertheless matter: pitcher offense, pinch hitting, and pinch running.

Pitcher Offense
eWins eLosses eWOPA
Carlos Zambrano1.21.30.4
Micah Owings0.90.80.4

Pinch Hitter
eWins eLosses eWOPA
Seth Smith1.40.80.4
Ross Gload2.11.60.4

Pinch Runner
eWins eLosses eWOPA
Brent Lillibridge0.10.00.0
Joey Gathright0.10.00.0
Dexter Fowler0.10.00.0
Eugenio Velez0.10.00.0
Ryan Freel0.00.00.0
Ben Francisco0.00.00.0
Jerry Owens0.00.00.0
Reggie Willits0.00.00.0
Emilio Bonifacio0.00.00.0
Rajai Davis0.00.00.0
Luis Valbuena0.00.00.0
Jose 'Joey Bats' Bautista0.00.00.0
Brendan Ryan0.00.00.0
David Murphy0.00.00.0
Freddy Guzman0.00.00.0
Reid Gorecki0.00.00.0
Nick Green0.00.00.0
Don Kelly0.00.00.0
Fred D. Lewis0.00.00.0
Juan Pierre0.00.00.0
Wilkin Ramirez0.00.00.0
Eric Byrnes0.00.00.0
Fernando Perez0.00.00.0
Jason Repko0.00.00.0
Craig Gentry0.00.00.0
Brian N. Anderson0.00.00.0
Jorge Padilla0.00.00.0
Josh Barfield0.00.00.0
Josh Wilson0.00.00.0
Gabe Kapler0.00.00.0
Esteban German0.00.00.0
Cody Ransom0.00.00.0
Jason Michaels0.00.00.0
Randy Ruiz0.00.00.0
Edwin Maysonet0.00.00.0
Alberto Gonzalez0.00.00.0
Sam Fuld0.00.00.0
Jeff Keppinger0.00.00.0
Trent Oeltjen0.00.00.0
Willie Harris0.00.00.0
Emmanuel Burriss0.00.00.0
Mitch Maier0.00.00.0
Sean Green0.00.00.0
Derek Lowe0.00.00.0
Jonathon Niese0.00.00.0
James Parr0.00.00.0
Tim Redding0.00.00.0
Javier Vazquez0.00.00.0
Gary Sheffield0.00.00.0
Alberto B. Castillo0.00.00.0
Wilson Valdez0.00.00.0
Rich Hill0.00.00.0
Trevor Cahill0.00.00.0
Brian Matusz0.00.00.0
Chris Denorfia0.00.00.0
Chris Ray0.00.00.0
Edgar G. Gonzalez0.00.00.0
Alfredo Simon0.00.00.0
Jay Marshall0.00.00.0
Gregg Zaun0.00.00.0
Gregorio Petit0.00.00.0
Michael Bowden0.00.00.0
Brad Ziegler0.00.00.0
Jacoby Ellsbury0.00.00.0
Greg Dobbs0.00.00.0
Jon Lester0.00.00.0
Ryan Howard0.00.00.0
Hideki Okajima0.00.00.0
Jamie Moyer0.00.00.0
Takashi Saito0.00.00.0
Jack Taschner0.00.00.0
Tim Wakefield0.00.00.0
Chris Bootcheck0.00.00.0
Ramon Abraham Castro0.00.00.0
Zach Duke0.00.00.0
Tyler Flowers0.00.00.0
Jeff Karstens0.00.00.0
Nyjer Morgan0.00.00.0
A.J. Pierzynski0.00.00.0
Virgil Vasquez0.00.00.0
Matt Thornton0.00.00.0
Justin Berg0.00.00.0
Cesar Carrillo0.00.00.0
Chad Fox0.00.00.0
Josh Geer0.00.00.0
Rich Harden0.00.00.0
Nick Hundley0.00.00.0
Carlos Marmol0.00.00.0
Edward Mujica0.00.00.0
Geovany Soto0.00.00.0
Tim Stauffer0.00.00.0
Bronson Arroyo0.00.00.0
Adrian Beltre0.00.00.0
Johnny Cueto0.00.00.0
Franklin Gutierrez0.00.00.0
Aaron Harang0.00.00.0
Mark Lowe0.00.00.0
Nick Masset0.00.00.0
Chris Shelton0.00.00.0
Josh Roenicke0.00.00.0
Jeremy Affeldt0.00.00.0
Edison Volquez0.00.00.0
Jesus Guzman0.00.00.0
Michael Brantley0.00.00.0
Tim Lincecum0.00.00.0
David Dellucci0.00.00.0
Ryan Rohlinger0.00.00.0
Matt Herges0.00.00.0
Scott E. Lewis0.00.00.0
Rick Ankiel0.00.00.0
Anthony Reyes0.00.00.0
Khalil Greene0.00.00.0
Jess Todd0.00.00.0
Kyle McClellan0.00.00.0
Matt Belisle0.00.00.0
Dennys Reyes0.00.00.0
Randy Flores0.00.00.0
P.J. Walters0.00.00.0
Todd Helton0.00.00.0
Randy Choate0.00.00.0
Paul Phillips0.00.00.0
J.P. Howell0.00.00.0
Ian Stewart0.00.00.0
Jeff Niemann0.00.00.0
Eddie Bonine0.00.00.0
Brian Shouse0.00.00.0
Armando Galarraga0.00.00.0
Kris Benson0.00.00.0
Brandon Lyon0.00.00.0
Scott Feldman0.00.00.0
Matt Harrison0.00.00.0
Marcus Thames0.00.00.0
Brandon McCarthy0.00.00.0
Luis Ayala0.00.00.0
Jarrod Saltalamacchia0.00.00.0
Dave Davidson0.00.00.0
Rod Barajas0.00.00.0
Josh Johnson0.00.00.0
Brandon League0.00.00.0
Hanley Ramirez0.00.00.0
Kyle Phillips0.00.00.0
Chris Volstad0.00.00.0
Marco Scutaro0.00.00.0
Aaron Boone0.00.00.0
Roger Bernadina0.00.00.0
Samuel Gervacio0.00.00.0
Jesus Flores0.00.00.0
Tommy Manzella0.00.00.0
Wilfredo Ledezma0.00.00.0
Chad Paronto0.00.00.0
Pete Orr0.00.00.0
Jason Smith0.00.00.0
Ron Villone0.00.00.0
Yuniesky Betancourt0.00.00.0
Juan Cruz0.00.00.0
Luis Hernandez0.00.00.0
Victor Marte0.00.00.0
Joakim Soria0.00.00.0
Ronald Belisario0.00.00.0
A.J. Ellis0.00.00.0
Matt Kemp0.00.00.0
James McDonald0.00.00.0
Manny Ramirez0.00.00.0
Jeff Weaver0.00.00.0
Mike Cameron0.00.00.0
Chris Duffy0.00.00.0
Corey Hart0.00.00.0
Jason Bulger0.00.00.0
Chris Narveson0.00.00.0
Maicer Izturis0.00.00.0
Jeff Suppan0.00.00.0
Kendry Morales0.00.00.0
Orlando Cabrera0.00.00.0
Joe Saunders0.00.00.0
Jeff Manship0.00.00.0
Brandon Allen0.00.00.0
Jason Pridie0.00.00.0
Doug Davis (1999)
Alfredo Aceves0.00.00.0
Bobby Korecky0.00.00.0
Yusmeiro Petit0.00.00.0
Chad Gaudin0.00.00.0
Max Scherzer0.00.00.0
Mark Melancon0.00.00.0
Brandon Webb0.00.00.0
Edwar Ramirez0.00.00.0
Jeff Bennett0.00.00.0
Brett Tomko0.00.00.0
Yunel Escobar0.00.00.0
Alex Cora0.00.00.0
Kelly Johnson0.00.00.0
Jair Jurrjens0.00.00.0
John Maine0.00.00.0
Kris Medlen0.00.00.0
Angel Pagan0.00.00.0
David Ross0.00.00.0
Jose B. Reyes0.00.00.0
Michael Aubrey0.00.00.0
Cory Sullivan0.00.00.0
Andrew Bailey0.00.00.0
Jim R. Johnson0.00.00.0
Eric Chavez0.00.00.0
Kameron Mickolio0.00.00.0
Tommy Everidge0.00.00.0
Guillermo Rodriguez0.00.00.0
Scott Hairston0.00.00.0
Koji Uehara0.00.00.0
Clayton Mortensen0.00.00.0
Rocco Baldelli0.00.00.0
Henry Rodriguez (2009)
Paul Byrd0.00.00.0
Joe Blanton0.00.00.0
Enrique Gonzalez0.00.00.0
Scott Eyre0.00.00.0
Brad Lidge0.00.00.0
Dustin Pedroia0.00.00.0
Steven Register0.00.00.0
Billy Traber0.00.00.0
Shane Victorino0.00.00.0
Gordon Beckham0.00.00.0
John Danks0.00.00.0
Joel Hanrahan0.00.00.0
Chris Getz0.00.00.0
Andrew McCutchen0.00.00.0
Corky Miller0.00.00.0
Ross Ohlendorf0.00.00.0
Carlos Quentin0.00.00.0
Neil Walker0.00.00.0
Randy Williams0.00.00.0
Henry Blanco0.00.00.0
Esmailin Caridad0.00.00.0
Luis Durango0.00.00.0
Edgar V. Gonzalez0.00.00.0
Koyie Hill0.00.00.0
Wade LeBlanc0.00.00.0
David Patton0.00.00.0
Ryan Theriot0.00.00.0
Ryan Webb0.00.00.0
Kevin Barker0.00.00.0
Mike Carp0.00.00.0
Carlos Fisher0.00.00.0
Kenji Johjima0.00.00.0
Paul Janish0.00.00.0
Brandon Morrow0.00.00.0
Micah Owings0.00.00.0
Ichiro Suzuki0.00.00.0
Drew Stubbs0.00.00.0
Madison Bumgarner0.00.00.0
Kip Wells0.00.00.0
Bobby Howry0.00.00.0
Carlos Carrasco0.00.00.0
Brandon Medders0.00.00.0
Ryan Garko0.00.00.0
Dan Runzler0.00.00.0
Masahide Kobayashi0.00.00.0
Tomokazu Ohka0.00.00.0
Chris Carpenter (1997)
Kelly Shoppach0.00.00.0
Jarrett Hoffpauir0.00.00.0
Jose Veras0.00.00.0
Jason Motte0.00.00.0
Aaron Cook0.00.00.0
Skip Schumaker0.00.00.0
Jason Giambi0.00.00.0
Grant Balfour0.00.00.0
Wade Davis0.00.00.0
Esmil Rogers0.00.00.0
Matthew Joyce0.00.00.0
Troy Tulowitzki0.00.00.0
Freddy Dolsi0.00.00.0
B.J. Upton0.00.00.0
Brandon Inge0.00.00.0
Magglio Ordonez0.00.00.0
Fernando Rodney0.00.00.0
Jason Jennings0.00.00.0
Justin Verlander0.00.00.0
Guillermo Moscoso0.00.00.0
Ross Gload0.00.00.0
Bryan Bullington0.00.00.0
John Koronka0.00.00.0
Roy Halladay0.00.00.0
Ricky Nolasco0.00.00.0
Brian Sanches0.00.00.0
Scott Richmond0.00.00.0
Alberto Arias0.00.00.0
Tim Byrdak0.00.00.0
Ian Desmond0.00.00.0
Chris Johnson0.00.00.0
Cristian Guzman0.00.00.0
Humberto Quintero0.00.00.0
Zack Segovia0.00.00.0
Jose Valverde0.00.00.0
Ryan Zimmerman0.00.00.0
Billy Butler0.00.00.0
Lenny DiNardo0.00.00.0
Brayan Pena0.00.00.0
Doug Waechter0.00.00.0
Casey Blake0.00.00.0
Charlie Haeger0.00.00.0
Hiroki Kuroda0.00.00.0
Guillermo Mota0.00.00.0
Jason Schmidt0.00.00.0
Jason Bourgeois0.00.00.0
Jesus Colome0.00.00.0
Yovani Gallardo0.00.00.0
Nick Adenhart0.00.00.0
Jorge Julio0.00.00.0
Terry Evans0.00.00.0
Corey Patterson0.00.00.0
Howie Kendrick0.00.00.0
Rickie Weeks0.00.00.0
Mike Napoli0.00.00.0
Joe Crede0.00.00.0
Fernando Rodriguez0.00.00.0
Justin Huber0.00.00.0
Rich G. Thompson0.00.00.0
Jose G. Morales0.00.00.0
Billy Buckner0.00.00.0
Kevin Slowey0.00.00.0
Tom Gordon0.00.00.0
Brian Bruney0.00.00.0
Kevin Mulvey0.00.00.0
Phil Coke0.00.00.0
Mark Reynolds0.00.00.0
Phil Hughes0.00.00.0
Doug Slaten0.00.00.0
Jose Molina0.00.00.0
Chris B. Young0.00.00.0
David Robertson0.00.00.0
Barbaro Canizares0.00.00.0
Marlon Anderson0.00.00.0
Nick Evans0.00.00.0
Casey Fossum0.00.00.0
Adam LaRoche0.00.00.0
Patrick Misch0.00.00.0
Vladimir Nunez0.00.00.0
Oliver Perez0.00.00.0
Rafael Soriano0.00.00.0
Omir Santos0.00.00.0
Brad Bergesen0.00.00.0
Fernando Tatis0.00.00.0
Sean Henn0.00.00.0
Dallas Braden0.00.00.0
Radhames Liz0.00.00.0
Jack Cust0.00.00.0
Melvin Mora0.00.00.0
Nomar Garciaparra0.00.00.0
Luke Scott0.00.00.0
Adam Kennedy0.00.00.0
Matt Wieters0.00.00.0
Eric Patterson0.00.00.0
Jason Bay0.00.00.0
Ryan Sweeney0.00.00.0
Manny Delcarmen0.00.00.0
Andrew Carpenter0.00.00.0
Mark Kotsay0.00.00.0
J.A. Happ0.00.00.0
Justin Masterson0.00.00.0
Pedro J. Martinez0.00.00.0
Josh Reddick0.00.00.0
Carlos Ruiz0.00.00.0
Gil Velazquez0.00.00.0
Denny Bautista0.00.00.0
Mark Buehrle0.00.00.0
Robinzon Diaz0.00.00.0
Jack Egbert0.00.00.0
Jason Jaramillo0.00.00.0
Bobby Jenks0.00.00.0
Lastings Milledge0.00.00.0
Freddy Sanchez0.00.00.0
Alexis Rios0.00.00.0
Delwyn Young0.00.00.0
Mitch Atkins0.00.00.0
Greg Burke0.00.00.0
Ryan Dempster0.00.00.0
Cliff Floyd0.00.00.0
Kevin Gregg0.00.00.0
Chase Headley0.00.00.0
Derrek Lee0.00.00.0
Drew Macias0.00.00.0
Bobby Scales0.00.00.0
Walter Silva0.00.00.0
Randy Wells0.00.00.0
Miguel Batista0.00.00.0
Wilkin Castillo0.00.00.0
Doug Fister0.00.00.0
Matt Maloney0.00.00.0
Ryan Rowland-Smith0.00.00.0
Arthur Rhodes0.00.00.0
Jason Vargas0.00.00.0
Willy Taveras0.00.00.0
Matt Downs0.00.00.0
Randy 'Big Unit' Johnson0.00.00.0
Vinnie Chulk0.00.00.0
Buster Posey0.00.00.0
Tony Graffanino0.00.00.0
Pablo Sandoval0.00.00.0
Cliff P. Lee0.00.00.0
Randy Winn0.00.00.0
Chris Perez0.00.00.0
David Freese0.00.00.0
Joe M. Smith0.00.00.0
Kyle Lohse0.00.00.0
Clint Barmes0.00.00.0
Albert Pujols0.00.00.0
Jorge de la Rosa0.00.00.0
Jason Hammel0.00.00.0
Reid Brignac0.00.00.0
Matt Murton0.00.00.0
Ryan Speier0.00.00.0
Dioner Navarro0.00.00.0
Alex Avila0.00.00.0
Shawn Riggans0.00.00.0
Alfredo Figaro0.00.00.0
Elvis Andrus0.00.00.0
Gerald Laird0.00.00.0
Chris Davis0.00.00.0
Rick Porcello0.00.00.0
Eddie Guardado0.00.00.0
Dane Sardinha0.00.00.0
Warner Madrigal0.00.00.0
Joel Zumaya0.00.00.0
Kevin Richardson0.00.00.0
Brett Carroll0.00.00.0
Jeremy Accardo0.00.00.0
Wes Helms0.00.00.0
Jesse Carlson0.00.00.0
Carlos M. Martinez0.00.00.0
Hayden Penn0.00.00.0
Bill Murphy0.00.00.0
Dan Uggla0.00.00.0
B.J. Ryan0.00.00.0
Lance Berkman0.00.00.0
Josh Bard0.00.00.0
Jeff Fulchino0.00.00.0
Adam Dunn0.00.00.0
Carlos Lee0.00.00.0
Austin Kearns0.00.00.0
Russ Ortiz0.00.00.0
Billy Sadler0.00.00.0
John Bale0.00.00.0
Roman Colon0.00.00.0
Zack Greinke0.00.00.0
Ron Mahay0.00.00.0
Horacio Ramirez0.00.00.0
Tony Abreu0.00.00.0
Blake DeWitt0.00.00.0
Orlando Hudson0.00.00.0
Mark Loretta0.00.00.0
Xavier Paul0.00.00.0
Claudio Vargas0.00.00.0
David Bush0.00.00.0
Mark DiFelice0.00.00.0
Bill Hall0.00.00.0
Trevor Bell0.00.00.0
Seth McClung0.00.00.0
Vladimir Guerrero0.00.00.0
Chris M. Smith0.00.00.0
Jeff Mathis0.00.00.0
Craig Breslow0.00.00.0
Sean O'Sullivan0.00.00.0
Brian Duensing0.00.00.0
Freddy Sandoval0.00.00.0
Jason Kubel0.00.00.0
Bobby Wilson0.00.00.0
Joe Nathan0.00.00.0
Luke Carlin0.00.00.0
John Hester0.00.00.0
Robinson Cano0.00.00.0
Gerardo Parra0.00.00.0
Michael Dunn0.00.00.0
Leo Rosales0.00.00.0
Damaso Marte0.00.00.0
Justin Upton0.00.00.0
Andy Pettitte0.00.00.0
Garret Anderson0.00.00.0
Nick Swisher0.00.00.0
Brooks Conrad0.00.00.0
Robinson Cancel0.00.00.0
Tim Hudson0.00.00.0
Anderson Hernandez0.00.00.0
Brian McCann0.00.00.0
Fernando Nieve0.00.00.0
Martin Prado0.00.00.0
Jeremy Reed0.00.00.0
Matt Albers0.00.00.0
Brian Stokes0.00.00.0
Adam T. Eaton0.00.00.0
David Wright0.00.00.0
Aubrey Huff0.00.00.0
Kevin Cameron0.00.00.0
Bob McCrory0.00.00.0
Mark Ellis0.00.00.0
Nolan Reimold0.00.00.0
Gio Gonzalez0.00.00.0
Chris Tillman0.00.00.0
Vin Mazzaro0.00.00.0
Landon Powell0.00.00.0
Dusty Brown0.00.00.0
Paul Bako0.00.00.0
Chad Durbin0.00.00.0
Javier Lopez0.00.00.0
Raul Ibanez0.00.00.0
David Ortiz0.00.00.0
Brett Myers0.00.00.0
John Smoltz0.00.00.0
Andy Tracy0.00.00.0
Sean Burnett0.00.00.0
Bartolo Colon0.00.00.0
Phil Dumatrait0.00.00.0
Gavin Floyd0.00.00.0
Andy LaRoche0.00.00.0
Scott Linebrink0.00.00.0
Charlie A. Morton0.00.00.0
Scott Podsednik0.00.00.0
Ramon Vazquez0.00.00.0
Carlos Torres0.00.00.0
Josh Banks0.00.00.0
Andres Blanco0.00.00.0
Jake Fox0.00.00.0
Brian S. Giles0.00.00.0
Kevin Hart0.00.00.0
Kevin Kouzmanoff0.00.00.0
Sean Marshall0.00.00.0
Luis M. Perdomo0.00.00.0
Jeff Stevens0.00.00.0
Joe Thatcher0.00.00.0
Homer Bailey0.00.00.0
Russell Branyan0.00.00.0
Chris Dickerson0.00.00.0
Felix Hernandez0.00.00.0
Ramon J. Hernandez0.00.00.0
Randy Messenger0.00.00.0
Darnell McDonald0.00.00.0
Carlos Silva0.00.00.0
Scott Rolen0.00.00.0
Joey Votto0.00.00.0
Alex Hinshaw0.00.00.0
Asdrubal Cabrera0.00.00.0
Joe Martinez0.00.00.0
Mark DeRosa0.00.00.0
Sergio Romo0.00.00.0
David Huff0.00.00.0
Juan Uribe0.00.00.0
Lou Marson0.00.00.0
Brian Barden0.00.00.0
Niuman Romero0.00.00.0
Wyatt Toregas0.00.00.0
Trever Miller0.00.00.0
Edwin Bellorin0.00.00.0
Shane Robinson0.00.00.0
Josh Fogg0.00.00.0
Todd Wellemeyer0.00.00.0
Chris Iannetta0.00.00.0
Lance Cormier0.00.00.0
Jason Isringhausen0.00.00.0
Huston Street0.00.00.0
Carlos Pena0.00.00.0
Miguel Cabrera0.00.00.0
Andy Sonnanstine0.00.00.0
Curtis Granderson0.00.00.0
Hank Blalock0.00.00.0
Zach Miner0.00.00.0
Neftali Feliz0.00.00.0
Clay Rapada0.00.00.0
Derek Holland0.00.00.0
Clete Thomas0.00.00.0
Luis Mendoza0.00.00.0
Burke Badenhop0.00.00.0
Pedro Strop0.00.00.0
Michael Barrett0.00.00.0
Nick Johnson0.00.00.0
Scott Downs0.00.00.0
Dan L. Meyer0.00.00.0
Adam Lind0.00.00.0
Cody Ross0.00.00.0
David Purcey0.00.00.0
Sean West0.00.00.0
Alex Cintron0.00.00.0
Mike Hampton0.00.00.0
Victor Garate0.00.00.0
Felipe Paulino0.00.00.0
Miguel Tejada0.00.00.0
Josh Willingham0.00.00.0
Willie Bloomquist0.00.00.0
Kyle Davies0.00.00.0
Luke Hochevar0.00.00.0
Gil Meche0.00.00.0
Mark Teahen0.00.00.0
Ron Belliard0.00.00.0
Andre Ethier0.00.00.0
Clayton Kershaw0.00.00.0
Doug Mientkiewicz0.00.00.0
Randy Wolf0.00.00.0
Frank Catalanotto0.00.00.0
Alcides Escobar0.00.00.0
Trevor Hoffman0.00.00.0
Daniel Davidson0.00.00.0
Brad Nelson0.00.00.0
Kevin Jepsen0.00.00.0
R.J. Swindle0.00.00.0
Dustin Moseley0.00.00.0
Robb Quinlan0.00.00.0
Matt Guerrier0.00.00.0
Scot Shields0.00.00.0
Joe Mauer0.00.00.0
Bryan Augenstein0.00.00.0
Nick Punto0.00.00.0
Stephen Drew0.00.00.0
Jonathan Albaladejo0.00.00.0
Felipe Lopez0.00.00.0
Joba Chamberlain0.00.00.0
Chad Qualls0.00.00.0
Daniel Schlereth0.00.00.0
Josh Whitesell0.00.00.0
Gregor Blanco0.00.00.0
Josh Towers0.00.00.0
Jeff Francoeur0.00.00.0
Carlos Delgado0.00.00.0
Brandon Jones0.00.00.0
Kenshin Kawakami0.00.00.0
Fernando Martinez0.00.00.0
Peter Moylan0.00.00.0
Bobby Parnell0.00.00.0
Clint Sammons0.00.00.0
Frankie Rodriguez0.00.00.0
Danys Baez0.00.00.0
Jon Switzer0.00.00.0
Jeremy Guthrie0.00.00.0
Daric Barton0.00.00.0
Adam Jones0.00.00.0
Bobby Crosby0.00.00.0
Chad Moeller0.00.00.0
Sean Gallagher0.00.00.0
Oscar Salazar0.00.00.0
Jack Hannahan0.00.00.0
Jamie Walker0.00.00.0
Eric Munson0.00.00.0
Daniel Bard0.00.00.0
Russ Springer0.00.00.0
Fernando Cabrera0.00.00.0
Eric Bruntlett0.00.00.0
Pedro Feliz0.00.00.0
Julio Lugo0.00.00.0
Rodrigo Lopez0.00.00.0
Brad Penny0.00.00.0
Jimmy Rollins0.00.00.0
Jonathan Van Every0.00.00.0
Tyler Walker0.00.00.0
Wilson Betemit0.00.00.0
Jesse Chavez0.00.00.0
Octavio Dotel0.00.00.0
Craig Hansen0.00.00.0
Jimmy Gobble0.00.00.0
Daniel McCutchen0.00.00.0
Jayson Nix0.00.00.0
Steven Pearce0.00.00.0
Alexei Ramirez0.00.00.0
Jack Wilson0.00.00.0
Tyler Colvin0.00.00.0
David Eckstein0.00.00.0
Tom Gorzelanny0.00.00.0
Luke Gregerson0.00.00.0
Micah Hoffpauir0.00.00.0
Jose Lobaton0.00.00.0
Aramis Ramirez0.00.00.0
Adam Russell0.00.00.0
Luis Vizcaino0.00.00.0
Chris R. Young0.00.00.0
Jay Bruce0.00.00.0
Juan Francisco0.00.00.0
Justin Lehr0.00.00.0
Garrett Olson0.00.00.0
Brandon Phillips0.00.00.0
Mike Sweeney0.00.00.0
Drew Sutton0.00.00.0
Winston Abreu0.00.00.0
Travis Ishikawa0.00.00.0
Jamey Carroll0.00.00.0
Justin M. Miller0.00.00.0
Chris Gimenez0.00.00.0
Ryan Sadowski0.00.00.0
Aaron Laffey0.00.00.0
Carl Pavano0.00.00.0
Chris Duncan0.00.00.0
Tony Sipp0.00.00.0
Josh Kinney0.00.00.0
Kerry Wood0.00.00.0
Matt Pagnozzi0.00.00.0
Manuel Corpas0.00.00.0
Nick Stavinoha0.00.00.0
Carlos Gonzalez0.00.00.0
Jason Bartlett0.00.00.0
Glendon Rusch0.00.00.0
Eric Young Jr.
David Price0.00.00.0
Adam Everett0.00.00.0
Dan Wheeler0.00.00.0
Edwin Jackson0.00.00.0
Marlon Byrd0.00.00.0
Ryan Perry0.00.00.0
Dusty Ryan0.00.00.0
Andruw Jones0.00.00.0
Jarrod Washburn0.00.00.0
Kiko Calero0.00.00.0
C.J. Wilson0.00.00.0
Andy Gonzalez0.00.00.0
Brian Burres0.00.00.0
Christopher Leroux0.00.00.0
Dirk Hayhurst0.00.00.0
Leo Nunez0.00.00.0
Brad A. Mills0.00.00.0
Gaby Sanchez0.00.00.0
Ricky Romero0.00.00.0
Brandon Backe0.00.00.0
Brian Wolfe0.00.00.0
Chris Coste0.00.00.0
Ross Detwiler0.00.00.0
Matt Kata0.00.00.0
Brian Moehler0.00.00.0
Garrett Mock0.00.00.0
Ivan Rodriguez0.00.00.0
Steven Shell0.00.00.0
Wesley Wright0.00.00.0
Alberto Callaspo0.00.00.0
Kyle Farnsworth0.00.00.0
Mike Jacobs0.00.00.0
Tony Pena Jr.
Jamey Wright0.00.00.0
Jonathan Broxton0.00.00.0
Jamie Hoffmann0.00.00.0
Brent Leach0.00.00.0
Will Ohman0.00.00.0
Eric Stults0.00.00.0
Ryan J. Braun0.00.00.0
Carlos Corporan0.00.00.0
Mat Gamel0.00.00.0
Jose Arredondo0.00.00.0
Jason Kendall0.00.00.0
Chone Figgins0.00.00.0
David Riske0.00.00.0
John Lackey0.00.00.0
T. Scott Baker0.00.00.0
Darren Oliver0.00.00.0
Mike Cuddyer0.00.00.0
Rafael Rodriguez0.00.00.0
Philip Humber0.00.00.0
Jered Weaver0.00.00.0
Juan Morillo0.00.00.0
Denard Span0.00.00.0
Juan Gutierrez0.00.00.0
A.J. Burnett0.00.00.0
Johnny Damon0.00.00.0
Ryan Roberts0.00.00.0
Derek Jeter0.00.00.0
Chris Snyder0.00.00.0
Xavier Nady0.00.00.0
Clay Zavada0.00.00.0
Alex Rodriguez0.00.00.0
Buddy Carlyle0.00.00.0
Carlos Beltran0.00.00.0
Tommy Hanson0.00.00.0
Pedro Feliciano0.00.00.0
Andy Green0.00.00.0
Boone Logan0.00.00.0
Daniel Murphy0.00.00.0
Eric O'Flaherty0.00.00.0
J.J. Putz0.00.00.0
Luis Valdez0.00.00.0
Brian Schneider0.00.00.0
Jason Berken0.00.00.0
Josh Thole0.00.00.0
David Hernandez0.00.00.0
Travis Buck0.00.00.0
Nick Markakis0.00.00.0
Dan Giese0.00.00.0
George Sherrill0.00.00.0
Brad Kilby0.00.00.0
Ty Wigginton0.00.00.0
Cliff Pennington0.00.00.0
Josh Beckett0.00.00.0
Michael Wuertz0.00.00.0
J.D. Drew0.00.00.0
Clay Condrey0.00.00.0
Paul Hoover0.00.00.0
Daisuke Matsuzaka0.00.00.0
John Mayberry Jr.
Dustin Richardson0.00.00.0
Matt Stairs0.00.00.0
Billy Wagner0.00.00.0
Brian Bixler0.00.00.0
D.J. Carrasco0.00.00.0
Ryan Doumit0.00.00.0
Josh De. Fields0.00.00.0
Garrett Jones0.00.00.0
Paul Konerko0.00.00.0
Craig Monroe0.00.00.0
Jake Peavy0.00.00.0
Ian Snell0.00.00.0
Jim Thome0.00.00.0
J. Mike Adams0.00.00.0
Jeff Baker0.00.00.0
Mike Fontenot0.00.00.0
Ernesto Frieri0.00.00.0
Angel Guzman0.00.00.0
Shawn Hill0.00.00.0
Ted Lilly0.00.00.0
Edwin Moreno0.00.00.0
Alfonso Soriano0.00.00.0
Craig Stansberry0.00.00.0
Carlos Zambrano0.00.00.0
Erik Bedard0.00.00.0
Francisco Cordero0.00.00.0
Ken Griffey Jr.
Ryan Hanigan0.00.00.0
Jose Lopez0.00.00.0
Robert Manuel0.00.00.0
Danny Richar0.00.00.0
Sean White0.00.00.0
Pedro Viola0.00.00.0
Kevin Frandsen0.00.00.0
Rafael Betancourt0.00.00.0
Trevor Crowe0.00.00.0
Edgar Renteria0.00.00.0
Travis Hafner0.00.00.0
Nate Schierholtz0.00.00.0
Jensen Lewis0.00.00.0
Rafael Perez0.00.00.0
Troy Glaus0.00.00.0
Jeremy Sowers0.00.00.0
Ryan Ludwick0.00.00.0
Joe Beimel0.00.00.0
Colby Rasmus0.00.00.0
Alan Embree0.00.00.0
Adam Wainwright0.00.00.0
Brad Hawpe0.00.00.0
Pat Burrell0.00.00.0
Joel Peralta0.00.00.0
Michel Hernandez0.00.00.0
Joe Nelson0.00.00.0
Jeremy Bonderman0.00.00.0
James Shields0.00.00.0
Lucas French0.00.00.0
Joaquin Arias0.00.00.0
Jeff Larish0.00.00.0
Willie Eyre0.00.00.0
Josh Hamilton0.00.00.0
Bobby Seay0.00.00.0
Doug Mathis0.00.00.0
Alfredo Amezaga0.00.00.0
Josh Rupe0.00.00.0
Chris Coghlan0.00.00.0
Russ Adams0.00.00.0
Jeremy Hermida0.00.00.0
Brett Cecil0.00.00.0
Cristhian Martinez0.00.00.0
Casey Janssen0.00.00.0
Renyel Pinto0.00.00.0
Rick VandenHurk0.00.00.0
Marc Rzepczynski0.00.00.0
Geoff Blum0.00.00.0
Jay Bergmann0.00.00.0
Geoff Geary0.00.00.0
Marco Estrada0.00.00.0
Wilton Lopez0.00.00.0
John Lannan0.00.00.0
Roy Oswalt0.00.00.0
Scott Olsen0.00.00.0
Chris Sampson0.00.00.0
Julian Tavarez0.00.00.0
Brian Bannister0.00.00.0
Coco Crisp0.00.00.0
Jose Guillen0.00.00.0
Carlos Rosa0.00.00.0
Brad Ausmus0.00.00.0
Scott Elbert0.00.00.0
Mitch Jones0.00.00.0
Russ Martin0.00.00.0
Cory Wade0.00.00.0
Josh Butler0.00.00.0
Tim Dillard0.00.00.0
J.J. Hardy0.00.00.0
Ryan Budde0.00.00.0
Casey McGehee0.00.00.0
Torii Hunter0.00.00.0
Mitch Stetter0.00.00.0
Gary Matthews Jr.
Brian Buscher0.00.00.0
Matt Palmer0.00.00.0
Armando Gabino0.00.00.0
Ervin Santana0.00.00.0
Francisco Liriano0.00.00.0
Brandon Wood0.00.00.0
Glen Perkins0.00.00.0
Tony Clark0.00.00.0
Delmon Young0.00.00.0
Conor Jackson0.00.00.0
Kevin Cash0.00.00.0
R. Tony Pena0.00.00.0
Rusty Ryal0.00.00.0
Hideki Matsui0.00.00.0
Esmerling Vasquez0.00.00.0
Jorge Posada0.00.00.0
Brian Barton0.00.00.0
Mark Teixeira0.00.00.0
Matt Diaz0.00.00.0
Luis A. Castillo0.00.00.0
Livan Hernandez0.00.00.0
Nate McLouth0.00.00.0
Darren O'Day0.00.00.0
Jo-Jo Reyes0.00.00.0
Argenis Reyes0.00.00.0
Tobi Stoner0.00.00.0
Jeff Fiorentino0.00.00.0
Brett Anderson0.00.00.0
Cesar Izturis0.00.00.0
Matt Carson0.00.00.0
Cla Meredith0.00.00.0
Dana Eveland0.00.00.0
Brian Roberts0.00.00.0
Jeff M. Gray0.00.00.0
Justin Turner0.00.00.0
Jonathan Meloan0.00.00.0
Jeff Bailey0.00.00.0
Chad Reineke0.00.00.0
Antonio Bastardo0.00.00.0
Alex 'Sea Bass' Gonzalez0.00.00.0
Sergio Escalona0.00.00.0
Mike Lowell0.00.00.0
Kyle Kendrick0.00.00.0
Jonathan Papelbon0.00.00.0
Chan Ho Park0.00.00.0
Junichi Tazawa0.00.00.0
Chase Utley0.00.00.0
Kevin Youkilis0.00.00.0
Matt Capps0.00.00.0
Jose Contreras0.00.00.0
Eric Hacker0.00.00.0
Freddy Antonio Garcia0.00.00.0
Paul Maholm0.00.00.0
Mike MacDougal0.00.00.0
Brandon Moss0.00.00.0
Aaron Poreda0.00.00.0
Donald Veal0.00.00.0
Wes Whisler0.00.00.0
Heath Bell0.00.00.0
Milton Bradley0.00.00.0
Eulogio de la Cruz0.00.00.0
Kosuke Fukudome0.00.00.0
Adrian Gonzalez0.00.00.0
Aaron Heilman0.00.00.0
Mat Latos0.00.00.0
Aaron Miles0.00.00.0
Cesar Ramos0.00.00.0
Will Venable0.00.00.0
Jamie Burke0.00.00.0
Edwin Encarnacion0.00.00.0
Chris Jakubauskas0.00.00.0
Danny Herrera0.00.00.0
Adam Moore0.00.00.0
Laynce Nix0.00.00.0
Dennis Stark0.00.00.0
Adam Rosales0.00.00.0
John Bowker0.00.00.0
Dave Weathers0.00.00.0
Steve Holm0.00.00.0
Fausto Carmona0.00.00.0
Osiris Matos0.00.00.0
Aaron Rowand0.00.00.0
Zach Jackson0.00.00.0
Merkin Valdez0.00.00.0
Andy Marte0.00.00.0
Mitchell Boggs0.00.00.0
Rich Rundles0.00.00.0
Blake Hawksworth0.00.00.0
Yadier Molina0.00.00.0
Jhoulys Chacin0.00.00.0
Willy Aybar0.00.00.0
Ubaldo Jimenez0.00.00.0
Juan Rincon0.00.00.0
Akinori Iwamura0.00.00.0
Yorvit Torrealba0.00.00.0
Troy Percival0.00.00.0
Brent Dlugach0.00.00.0
Dale Thayer0.00.00.0
Carlos Guillen0.00.00.0
Brandon Boggs0.00.00.0
Fu-Te Ni0.00.00.0
Frank Francisco0.00.00.0
Nate Robertson0.00.00.0
Tommy Hunter0.00.00.0
Matt Treanor0.00.00.0
Kevin Millwood0.00.00.0
John Baker0.00.00.0
Taylor Teagarden0.00.00.0
Brendan Donnelly0.00.00.0
Logan Kensing0.00.00.0
Jason Frasor0.00.00.0
Andrew Miller0.00.00.0
Jesse Litsch0.00.00.0
Anibal Sanchez0.00.00.0
Robert Ray0.00.00.0
Tim Wood0.00.00.0
Brian Tallet0.00.00.0
Doug Brocail0.00.00.0
Tyler Clippard0.00.00.0
LaTroy Hawkins0.00.00.0
Shairon Martis0.00.00.0
Hunter Pence0.00.00.0
Saul Rivera0.00.00.0
J.R. Towles0.00.00.0
Jordan Zimmermann0.00.00.0
John Buck0.00.00.0
David DeJesus0.00.00.0
Dusty Hughes0.00.00.0
Miguel Olivo0.00.00.0
Robinson Tejeda0.00.00.0
Chad Billingsley0.00.00.0
Rafael Furcal0.00.00.0
Hong-Chih Kuo0.00.00.0
Eric Milton0.00.00.0
Travis Schlichting0.00.00.0
John Axford0.00.00.0
Todd Coffey0.00.00.0
Prince Fielder0.00.00.0
Bobby Abreu0.00.00.0
Hernan Iribarren0.00.00.0
Kelvim Escobar0.00.00.0
Manny Parra0.00.00.0
Scott Kazmir0.00.00.0
Carlos Villanueva0.00.00.0
Robert Mosebach0.00.00.0
Jesse Crain0.00.00.0
Juan Rivera0.00.00.0
Brendan Harris0.00.00.0
Justin Speier0.00.00.0
Jose Mijares0.00.00.0
Blaine Boyer0.00.00.0
Mike Redmond0.00.00.0
Jon Garland0.00.00.0
Miguel Montero0.00.00.0
Anthony Claggett0.00.00.0
Jon Rauch0.00.00.0
Eric Hinske0.00.00.0
Scott Schoeneweis0.00.00.0
Sergio Mitre0.00.00.0
Mariano Rivera0.00.00.0
Jorge Campillo0.00.00.0
Chien-Ming Wang0.00.00.0
Mike V. Gonzalez0.00.00.0
Elmer Dessens0.00.00.0
Chipper Jones0.00.00.0
Casey Kotchman0.00.00.0
Ramon E. Martinez0.00.00.0
Greg Norton0.00.00.0
Mike Pelfrey0.00.00.0
Jordan Schafer0.00.00.0
Johan Santana0.00.00.0
Brian Bass0.00.00.0
Ken Takahashi0.00.00.0
Mark Hendrickson0.00.00.0
Jerry Blevins0.00.00.0
Chris Lambert0.00.00.0
Aaron Cunningham0.00.00.0
Jairo Garcia0.00.00.0
Dennis Sarfate0.00.00.0
Matt Holliday0.00.00.0
Chris Waters0.00.00.0
Josh Outman0.00.00.0
Aaron Bates0.00.00.0
Kurt Suzuki0.00.00.0
W. Chris Carter0.00.00.0
Miguel Cairo0.00.00.0
Hunter Jones0.00.00.0
Cole Hamels0.00.00.0
Victor Martinez0.00.00.0
Ryan Madson0.00.00.0
Ramon S. Ramirez0.00.00.0
J.C. Romero0.00.00.0
Jason Varitek0.00.00.0
Jayson Werth0.00.00.0
Lance Broadway0.00.00.0
Luis Cruz0.00.00.0
Jermaine Dye0.00.00.0
Steven Jackson0.00.00.0
Daniel Hudson0.00.00.0
Evan Meek0.00.00.0
Jhonny Nunez0.00.00.0
Jeff Salazar0.00.00.0
Clayton Richard0.00.00.0
Tyler Yates0.00.00.0
Jose Ascanio0.00.00.0
Chris Burke0.00.00.0
Neal Cotts0.00.00.0
Michael Ekstrom0.00.00.0
John Grabow0.00.00.0
Tony Gwynn Jr.
Reed Johnson0.00.00.0
Arturo Lopez0.00.00.0
Jeff Samardzija0.00.00.0
Duaner Sanchez0.00.00.0
Jason Waddell0.00.00.0
David Aardsma0.00.00.0
Jared Burton0.00.00.0
Roy Corcoran0.00.00.0
Jonny Gomes0.00.00.0
Shawn Kelley0.00.00.0
Mike Lincoln0.00.00.0
Guillermo Quiroz0.00.00.0
Ramon A. Ramirez0.00.00.0
Matt Tuiasosopo0.00.00.0
Craig Tatum0.00.00.0
Matt Cain0.00.00.0
Greg Aquino0.00.00.0
Waldis Joaquin0.00.00.0
Shin-Soo Choo0.00.00.0
Bengie Molina0.00.00.0
Mike Gosling0.00.00.0
Jonathan Sanchez0.00.00.0
Matt LaPorta0.00.00.0
Brian Wilson0.00.00.0
Jhonny Peralta0.00.00.0
Ryan Franklin0.00.00.0
Grady Sizemore0.00.00.0
Jason LaRue0.00.00.0
Garrett Atkins0.00.00.0
Matt Daley0.00.00.0
Brad Thompson0.00.00.0
Jason Grilli0.00.00.0
Chad Bradford0.00.00.0
Franklin Morales0.00.00.0
Matt Garza0.00.00.0
Seth Smith0.00.00.0
Evan Longoria0.00.00.0
Josh Anderson0.00.00.0
Chris Richard0.00.00.0
Casey Fien0.00.00.0
Ben Zobrist0.00.00.0
Nelson R. Cruz0.00.00.0
Placido Polanco0.00.00.0
Greg Golson0.00.00.0
Ramon Santiago0.00.00.0
Ian Kinsler0.00.00.0
Dontrelle Willis0.00.00.0
Dustin Nippert0.00.00.0
Jorge Cantu0.00.00.0
Michael Young0.00.00.0
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Matt Lindstrom0.00.00.0
Aaron Hill0.00.00.0
Ronny Paulino0.00.00.0
Graham Taylor0.00.00.0
Yorman Bazardo0.00.00.0
Collin Balester0.00.00.0
Darin Erstad0.00.00.0
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Wandy Rodriguez0.00.00.0
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Alex Gordon0.00.00.0
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Sidney Ponson0.00.00.0
Yasuhiko Yabuta0.00.00.0
Chin-Lung Hu0.00.00.0
James Loney0.00.00.0
Vicente Padilla0.00.00.0
Ramon Troncoso0.00.00.0
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Braden Looper0.00.00.0
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Shane Loux0.00.00.0
Nick Blackburn0.00.00.0
Anthony Ortega0.00.00.0
R.A. Dickey0.00.00.0
Sean Rodriguez0.00.00.0
Bobby Keppel0.00.00.0
Justin Morneau0.00.00.0
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Anthony Swarzak0.00.00.0
Dan Haren0.00.00.0
Melky Cabrera0.00.00.0
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Nelson Figueroa0.00.00.0
Kevin Millar0.00.0-0.0
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Ryan Raburn0.00.0-0.0
Joel Pineiro0.00.0-0.0
Juan Miranda0.00.0-0.0
J.D. Martin0.00.0-0.0
Vernon Wells0.00.0-0.0
Alejandro de Aza0.00.0-0.0
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Eliezer Alfonzo0.00.0-0.0
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Chris Woodward0.00.0-0.0
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Kyle Blanks0.00.0-0.0
Felix Pie0.00.0-0.0
Everth Cabrera0.00.0-0.0
Tug Hulett0.00.0-0.0
Joe Inglett0.00.0-0.0
Michael Bourn0.00.0-0.0
Kevin Correia0.00.0-0.0
Cameron Maybin0.00.0-0.0
Dewayne Wise0.00.0-0.0
Luis Rodriguez0.00.0-0.0
Carl Crawford0.00.0-0.0
Endy Chavez0.00.0-0.0
Juan Castro0.00.0-0.0
Elijah Dukes0.00.0-0.0
Joe Thurston0.00.0-0.0
Shelley Duncan0.00.0-0.0
Ryan Spilborghs0.00.0-0.0
George Kottaras0.00.0-0.0
Luis Montanez0.00.0-0.0
Eli Whiteside0.00.0-0.0
So Taguchi0.00.0-0.0
Francisco Cervelli0.00.0-0.0
Wladimir Balentien0.00.0-0.0
Ryan Langerhans0.00.0-0.0
Travis Snider0.00.0-0.0
Rob Johnson0.00.0-0.0
Rich Aurilia0.00.0-0.0
Jason Marquis0.00.0-0.0
Robert Andino0.00.0-0.0
Mike McCoy0.00.0-0.0
Carlos Gomez0.00.0-0.0
Omar Infante0.00.0-0.0
Justin Maxwell0.00.0-0.0
Clay Buchholz0.00.0-0.0
Augie Ojeda0.00.0-0.0
Alexi Casilla0.00.0-0.0
Matt Tolbert0.00.1-0.0
Angel Berroa0.00.0-0.0
Lyle Overbay0.00.0-0.0
Julio Borbon0.00.0-0.0

Noteworthy Players of 2009

Finally, let's take a look at some players who had noteworthy 2009 seasons.

Notable Debuts
It is, of course, far too early to know who will have the most successful careers among the players who debuted in 2009. The Debut Class of 2009 does include the last two National League Most Valuable Players, however. The careers, to date, of San Francisco Giants catcher Buster Posey and Pittsburgh Pirates center fielder Andrew McCutchen, as measured by Player won-lost records, are compared in the next table.

Buster Posey Andrew McCutchen
Season Games pWins pLoss Win Pct. pWOPA pWORL Games pWins pLoss Win Pct. pWOPA pWORL
------ ------ ------ ------ ------ ------ ------ ------ ------ ------ ------ ------ ------
CAREER RECORDS1,039116.594.00.55311.1

Last Hurrahs
Finally, 2009 was the final season for two of the greatest pitchers of all-time, who won a combined eight Cy Young awards, both of them winning at least one in each league, with both of them winning the award in both 1999 and 2000.

The career records of Randy Johnson and Pedro Martinez, as measured by Player won-lost records, are presented in the final table of this article.

Randy Johnson Pedro Martinez
Season Games pWins pLoss Win Pct. pWOPA pWORL Games pWins pLoss Win Pct. pWOPA pWORL
------ ------ ------ ------ ------ ------ ------ ------ ------ ------ ------ ------ ------
CAREER RECORDS619281.3221.00.56038.5

All articles are written so that they pull data directly from the most recent version of the Player won-lost database. Hence, any numbers cited within these articles should automatically incorporate the most recent update to Player won-lost records. In some cases, however, the accompanying text may have been written based on previous versions of Player won-lost records. I apologize if this results in non-sensical text in any cases.

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