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The 2016 Season as seen through the Prism of Player Won-Lost Records

I have recently updated my Player won-lost records to incoporporate the 2016 season.

This article takes a look at the 2016 season as measured by Player won-lost records.

The Best of 2016

I calculate Player won-lost records two ways: pWins, which tie to team wins and eWins, which control for context and the ability of one's teammates. For players with more pWins than eWins, their Player wins contributed to more team wins than one might expect; for players with more eWins than pWins, just the opposite is true: their Player wins translated into fewer team wins than expected. Or more briefly: a player with more pWins than eWins was better in context, a player with more eWins than pWins was worse in context.

The top 10 players in pWins above Positional Average and Replacement Level were as follows.

pWins over Positional Average
Top 10 Players
          pWins over Replacement Level
Top 10 Players
Player pWins pLosses pWOPA pWORL           Player pWins pLosses pWOPA pWORL
1Clayton Kershaw12.26.33.6
1Mike Trout23.816.73.6
2Mike Trout23.816.73.6
2Mookie Betts26.219.23.3
3Johnny Cueto14.69.33.5
3Johnny Cueto14.69.33.5
4Mookie Betts26.219.23.3
4Clayton Kershaw12.26.33.6
5Adrian Beltre21.715.13.1
5Adrian Beltre21.715.13.1
6Noah Syndergaard14.110.02.9
6Max Scherzer16.813.22.8
7Madison Bumgarner15.211.62.8
7Madison Bumgarner15.211.62.8
8Anthony Rizzo20.413.42.8
8Noah Syndergaard14.110.02.9
9Max Scherzer16.813.22.8
9Jon Lester14.811.22.7
10Rick Porcello13.89.22.7
10Rick Porcello13.89.22.7

The top 10 players in eWins above Positional Average and Replacement Level were as follows.

eWins over Positional Average
Top 10 Players
          eWins over Replacement Level
Top 10 Players
Player eWins eLosses eWOPA eWORL           Player eWins eLosses eWOPA eWORL
1Mike Trout23.415.83.8
1Mike Trout23.415.83.8
2Madison Bumgarner16.312.82.9
2Madison Bumgarner16.312.82.9
3Clayton Kershaw10.25.72.9
3Kris Bryant21.615.52.6
4Kris Bryant21.615.52.6
4Justin Verlander14.610.62.4
5Johnny Cueto14.711.72.5
5Johnny Cueto14.711.72.5
6Justin Verlander14.610.62.4
6Mookie Betts24.519.62.3
7Noah Syndergaard13.410.22.4
7Rick Porcello14.310.42.4
8Rick Porcello14.310.42.4
8Clayton Kershaw10.25.72.9
9Mookie Betts24.519.62.3
9Noah Syndergaard13.410.22.4
10Carlos Martinez13.610.82.3
10Nelson R. Cruz17.813.32.0

Mike Trout
For the fifth season in a row, the pre-award discussion in the online sabermetric community focused in equal parts on how Mike Trout was clearly the best player in the American League and how Mike Trout was likely to be robbed of the American League MVP award. For the second time in those five seasons, these concerns were unfounded and Mike Trout won the MVP award. As the tables above show, Player won-lost records agree with the MVP voters (and sabermetic fans): Mike Trout was clearly the best and most valuable player in the American League in 2016.

The most similar player to Mike Trout through age 24, as measured by Player won-lost records, is Mickey Mantle. Here's how Trout and Mantle compare in context-neutral Player won-lost records (eWins) through age 24.

Mike Trout Mickey Mantle
Age Games eWins eLoss WinPct eWOPA eWORL Games eWins eLoss WinPct eWOPA eWORL
------ ------ ------ ------ ------ ------ ------ ------ ------ ------ ------ ------ ------
Total, thru Age 24809120.085.60.58416.3

Clayton Kershaw
Mike Trout is the top player in 3 of the 4 tables above. Heading up the fourth table is Clayton Kershaw, who led Major League Baseball in pWOPA, despite missing more than two months with a bad back. The 2016 season was Clayton Kershaw's age-28 season. The next table shows the 10 players most similar to Clayton Kershaw in career value through age 28, as measured by Player won-lost records.

Wins over Baseline
Player Games pWins pLosses pWOPA pWORL Batting Baserunning Pitching Fielding
Clayton Kershaw
Pedro J. Martinez
Roger Clemens
Tom Seaver
Bert Blyleven
Robin Roberts
Greg Maddux
Felix Hernandez
Hal Newhouser
Bob Feller
Bret Saberhagen

Six of the ten players on the list are in the Hall of Fame and the other four won a combined 11 Cy Young awards. Oh, and while these are the players most similar to Clayton Kershaw, Kershaw actually has more net pitching wins and pWins over positional average (pWOPA) through age 28 than any of the them. It's not exactly a breakthrough finding of Player won-lost records, but Clayton Kershaw has had a pretty good career so far.

2016 Postseason

My father was born in Cleveland and was a teenager when the Cleveland Indians last won the World Series.

I was born in Baltimore and was a teenager when the Baltimore Orioles last won the World Series.

My sons were both born on the North Side of Chicago and are teenagers this year.

Books will be - and already have been - written about this postseason, so let's just jump right to the numbers. The top performers in the 2016 postseason, as measured by Player won-lost records, are shown in the table below.

2016 Postseason: Total
pWins pLosses pWORL
Corey KluberCLE3.11.51.2
Clayton KershawLAN2.41.40.8
Cody AllenCLE1.90.50.8
Jon LesterCHN2.31.40.8
Andrew MillerCLE2.00.70.8

Top postseason players by round were as follows.

2016 Postseason: World Series
pWins pLosses pWORL
Corey KluberCLE1.40.60.6
Jake ArrietaCHN0.90.40.4
Addison RussellCHN1.30.80.3
Ben ZobristCHN1.20.80.3

Going into Game 7 of the World Series, the choice of who might be chosen as World Series MVP was an interesting contrast between the two teams. If the Indians won Game 7, that would have meant that the Indians won all three games started by Corey Kluber, who would have almost certainly been MVP barring something very strange - which then almost happened. In contrast, the Cubs seemed to have a dozen viable candidates and it seemed most likely to come down to who came up biggest in Game 7. And, indeed, the World Series MVP was given to the player who had the game-winning RBI in Game 7, Ben Zobrist. As measured by net Player won-lost records (pWins minus pLosses), Player won-lost records agrees that the most valuable player of Game 7 was Ben Zobrist, although the overall MVP of the World Series was Corey Kluber, in spite of his relatively poor Game 7 performance and the top player for the Cubs was Jake Arrieta, who won Games 2 and 6.

Now, back to earlier playoff rounds.

2016 Postseason: League Championship Series
pWins pLosses pWORL
Andrew MillerCLE1.10.10.5
Francisco LindorCLE1.10.40.4
Corey KluberCLE1.10.50.4
Cody AllenCLE0.70.10.3
Clayton KershawLAN1.20.90.3
Jon LesterCHN0.80.40.3

2016 Postseason: Division Series
pWins pLosses pWORL
Clayton KershawLAN1.20.50.5
Troy TulowitzkiTOR1.00.20.5
Javier BaezCHN1.10.30.4
Josh DonaldsonTOR0.80.20.4

2016 Postseason: Wild Card Round
pWins pLosses pWORL
Madison BumgarnerSFN0.70.20.3
Conor GillaspieSFN0.50.10.2
Noah SyndergaardNYN0.40.20.1
Josh DonaldsonTOR0.30.10.1
Brandon CrawfordSFN0.30.10.1
Roberto OsunaTOR0.20.00.1
Marcus StromanTOR0.30.20.1
Edwin EncarnacionTOR0.20.00.1
Francisco LirianoTOR0.10.00.1
Darren O'DayBAL0.10.00.1
Ezequiel CarreraTOR0.20.10.1
Addison ReedNYN0.20.10.1
Kevin PillarTOR0.20.10.1

Best of 2016 by Factor and Position

Next, let's look at the top players in (context-neutral, teammate-adjusted) eWins over Positional Average in various aspects of the game.
Best by Factor: Batting, Baserunning, Pitching, Fielding
There are four basic factors for which players earn Player won-lost records: Batting, Baserunning, Pitching, and Fielding. The top players in 2016 in eWOPA by factor were as follows.

eWins eLosses eWOPA
Mike Trout16.210.23.0

Positional Average excludes pitcher offense

eWins eLosses eWOPA
Billy Hamilton1.90.80.5
Mookie Betts2.01.20.4

Positional Average excludes pitcher offense

eWins eLosses Net Wins
Clayton Kershaw8.24.43.7
Johnny Cueto12.39.23.1
Rick Porcello12.59.72.8

Fielding, P
eWins eLosses Net Wins
Chad Green0.60.00.6

Fielding, C
eWins eLosses Net Wins
Salvador Perez1.81.10.7

Fielding, 1B
eWins eLosses Net Wins
Yonder Alonso2.41.70.6

Fielding, 2B
eWins eLosses Net Wins
Joe Panik5.23.91.3

Fielding, 3B
eWins eLosses Net Wins
Adrian Beltre4.63.61.0

Fielding, SS
eWins eLosses Net Wins
Francisco Lindor6.24.81.3

Fielding, LF
eWins eLosses Net Wins
Adam Duvall5.85.00.8

Fielding, CF
eWins eLosses Net Wins
Leonys Martin5.74.80.9
Ender Inciarte5.34.50.9

Fielding, RF
eWins eLosses Net Wins
Adam C. Eaton5.84.41.4

Best by Position
Next, we look at 2016 Major-League leaders in eWOPA by position. The figures shown here only include Player decisions earned while playing this particular position, and include no contextual adjustments (expected or actual).

eWins eLosses eWOPA
Jonathan Lucroy13.210.81.5

First Base
eWins eLosses eWOPA
Freddie Freeman20.315.11.9

Second Base
eWins eLosses eWOPA
Robinson Cano21.618.01.6
Daniel Murphy17.013.11.6

Third Base
eWins eLosses eWOPA
Josh Donaldson18.614.81.6

eWins eLosses eWOPA
Carlos Correa21.017.81.9

Left Field
eWins eLosses eWOPA
Christian Yelich17.514.81.2

Center Field
eWins eLosses eWOPA
Mike Trout22.215.43.4

Right Field
eWins eLosses eWOPA
Mookie Betts24.419.72.1

Starting Pitcher
eWins eLosses eWOPA
Clayton Kershaw8.34.62.1
Johnny Cueto12.69.32.0

Relief Pitcher
eWins eLosses eWOPA
Andrew Miller4.52.40.9

For relief pitchers, context-neutral records may not be the best measure of how good they are, as context can matter a great deal, depending on how a pitcher is used. Here are the top relief pitchers of 2016 in context, in terms of pWins and pWOPA.

Top Relief Pitchers of 2016, based on pWORL
Player pWins pLosses pWin Pct. pWOPA pWORL
Zach Britton7.71.80.8122.73.4
Andrew Miller7.92.30.7702.53.2
Jeurys Familia8.94.80.6491.72.7
Kenley Jansen6.22.60.7081.62.2
Sam Dyson7.54.20.6411.32.2

Historic Relief Pitcher Seasons
Over the last five months of 2016, Zach Britton pitched in 58 games, of which he finished 54, winning 1 game and saving 41. Overall, over those five months, he pitched 57 innings and allowed ONE earned run, good for a 0.16 ERA. As shown in the table above, that translates into a pWin winning percentage of over 0.800.

As impressive as Britton was, Andrew Miller was almost as good: 10-1, 12 saves, 1.45 ERA in 74.1 IP.

It turns out that both Britton and Miller had historic 2016 seasons, as measured by Player won-lost records. The next table shows the top 10 seasons in pWin winning percentage for players with at least 2.0 pWins in a season for whom I have calculated Player won-lost records.

Top pWin Pct. (min. 2 pWins)
Player Season pWins pLosses pWin Pct. pWOPA pWORL
Zach Britton20167.71.80.8122.73.4
Bob Milacki19882.10.50.7950.80.9
Kenley Jansen20177.82.10.7862.73.5
Joe Nathan20066.71.80.7852.32.9
Karl Spooner19542.20.60.7850.91.0
Koji Uehara20135.11.50.7751.72.2
Andrew Miller20167.92.30.7702.53.2
Mariano Rivera19986.41.90.7702.12.6
Tim Burke19877.62.30.7642.53.1
Zach Britton20156.52.00.7642.02.6

Zach Britton is the first player with 2.0 or more pWins and a pWinning percentage over 0.800. In fact, Britton has a higher winning percentage than any player with at least 1.1 pWins in a season. Pretty impressive!
Designated Hitter
eWins eLosses eWOPA
David Ortiz15.011.21.6
Nelson R. Cruz11.68.21.5

Finally, here are the best at three oft-forgotten positions that can nevertheless matter: pitcher offense, pinch hitting, and pinch running.

Pitcher Offense
eWins eLosses eWOPA
Jake Arrieta1.31.40.5
Madison Bumgarner1.51.90.5

Pinch Hitter
eWins eLosses eWOPA
Matthew Joyce1.91.40.3
Derek Dietrich0.90.40.3

Pinch Runner
eWins eLosses eWOPA
Michael A. Taylor0.10.00.0
Dalton Pompey0.10.00.0
Ronald Torreyes0.10.00.0
Jarrod Dyson0.10.00.0
Jake Marisnick0.10.00.0
Joey Gallo0.00.00.0
Tyler Ladendorf0.00.00.0
Drew Stubbs0.10.00.0
Andrew Romine0.00.00.0
Nick Buss0.00.00.0
Jeff Samardzija0.00.00.0
Ezequiel Carrera0.00.00.0
Danny Espinosa0.00.00.0
Tim Beckham0.00.00.0
Michael Bourn0.00.00.0
Adam Rosales0.00.00.0
Luis Sardinas0.00.00.0
Eric Fryer0.00.00.0
Ryan Rua0.00.00.0
Eric Young Jr.
Jose Martinez0.00.00.0
Delino DeShields Jr.
Jared Hoying0.00.00.0
Marwin Gonzalez0.00.00.0
Aaron Hicks0.00.00.0
Joey Rickard0.00.00.0
Joe Ross0.00.00.0
Robinson Chirinos0.00.00.0
Collin Cowgill0.00.00.0
Taylor Motter0.00.00.0
Max Muncy0.00.00.0
Rob Refsnyder0.00.00.0
Matt Szczur0.00.00.0
Cameron Maybin0.00.00.0
Kolten Wong0.00.00.0
Yoan Moncada0.00.00.0
Miguel Rojas0.00.00.0
Ruben Tejada0.00.00.0
Ben Gamel0.00.00.0
Kaleb Cowart0.00.00.0
Darrell Ceciliani0.00.00.0
Alexi Amarista0.00.00.0
Matt Grace0.00.00.0
Daniel Murphy0.00.00.0
Clint Robinson0.00.00.0
Trea Turner0.00.00.0
Vin Mazzaro0.00.00.0
Yohan Flande0.00.00.0
Nick Hundley0.00.00.0
Hunter Strickland0.00.00.0
Tom J. Murphy0.00.00.0
Matt Carpenter0.00.00.0
Mark Reynolds0.00.00.0
Carson Kelly0.00.00.0
Matt Boyd0.00.00.0
Michael McKenry0.00.00.0
Blaine Hardy0.00.00.0
Alex Reyes0.00.00.0
Joe Mantiply0.00.00.0
Luke Weaver0.00.00.0
Daniel Norris0.00.00.0
Xavier Cedeno0.00.00.0
Jarrod Saltalamacchia0.00.00.0
Dylan Floro0.00.00.0
Justin Wilson0.00.00.0
Evan Longoria0.00.00.0
Matt E. Duffy0.00.00.0
Juniel Querecuto0.00.00.0
Ryan Webb0.00.00.0
Tony Kemp0.00.00.0
Shin-Soo Choo0.00.00.0
Pat Neshek0.00.00.0
Prince Fielder0.00.00.0
Max Stassi0.00.00.0
Keone Kela0.00.00.0
Lorenzo Cain0.00.00.0
Brett Nicholas0.00.00.0
Shawn Tolleson0.00.00.0
Luke Hochevar0.00.00.0
Brett Cecil0.00.00.0
Raul Mondesi Jr.
Edwin Encarnacion0.00.00.0
Matt Strahm0.00.00.0
Aaron Loup0.00.00.0
Pedro Baez0.00.00.0
Bo Schultz0.00.00.0
Grant Dayton0.00.00.0
Sean Burnett0.00.00.0
Yasmani Grandal0.00.00.0
Howie Kendrick0.00.00.0
Josh Reddick0.00.00.0
Nick Tepesch0.00.00.0
Will Venable0.00.00.0
Austin Brice0.00.00.0
Brian Ellington0.00.00.0
Andrew Bailey0.00.00.0
Destin Hood0.00.00.0
C.J. Cron0.00.00.0
Chris Narveson0.00.00.0
Javy Guerra0.00.00.0
Colin Rea0.00.00.0
Daniel Nava0.00.00.0
Tomas Telis0.00.00.0
J.C. Ramirez0.00.00.0
Blaine Boyer0.00.00.0
Andrelton Simmons0.00.00.0
Ramon Flores0.00.00.0
Jered Weaver0.00.00.0
Michael Kirkman0.00.00.0
Enrique A. Burgos0.00.00.0
Kirk Nieuwenhuis0.00.00.0
Zac Curtis0.00.00.0
Ben Rowen0.00.00.0
Paul Goldschmidt0.00.00.0
Jonathan Villar0.00.00.0
Keith Hessler0.00.00.0
Juan Centeno0.00.00.0
Shelby Miller0.00.00.0
Yasmany Tomas0.00.00.0
Alex Mejia0.00.00.0
Emilio Bonifacio0.00.00.0
Jorge Polanco0.00.00.0
Chase d'Arnaud0.00.00.0
Kurt Suzuki0.00.00.0
Jason Grilli0.00.00.0
Dellin Betances0.00.00.0
Matt Kemp0.00.00.0
Nathan Eovaldi0.00.00.0
Hector Olivera0.00.00.0
Shae Simmons0.00.00.0
Blake Parker0.00.00.0
Ryan Weber0.00.00.0
C.C. Sabathia0.00.00.0
Jayson Aquino0.00.00.0
Oliver Drake0.00.00.0
Gavin Cecchini0.00.00.0
Tommy Hunter0.00.00.0
Josh Edgin0.00.00.0
Brian Matusz0.00.00.0
Jim Henderson0.00.00.0
Brandon Nimmo0.00.00.0
Vance Worley0.00.00.0
Justin Ruggiano0.00.00.0
Bryce Brentz0.00.00.0
Raul Alcantara0.00.00.0
Aaron Hill0.00.00.0
Sean Doolittle0.00.00.0
Pat Light0.00.00.0
Andrew Lambo0.00.00.0
Dustin Pedroia0.00.00.0
Zach Neal0.00.00.0
Josh Rutledge0.00.00.0
Patrick Schuster0.00.00.0
Christian Vazquez0.00.00.0
J.B. Wendelken0.00.00.0
Melky Cabrera0.00.00.0
Peter Bourjos0.00.00.0
Todd Frazier0.00.00.0
Tyler Goeddel0.00.00.0
Nate Jones0.00.00.0
Dalier Hinojosa0.00.00.0
Jake Petricka0.00.00.0
Charlie A. Morton0.00.00.0
Tyler Saladino0.00.00.0
Darin Ruf0.00.00.0
Kevan Smith0.00.00.0
Steven Brault0.00.00.0
Kris Bryant0.00.00.0
Adam Frazier0.00.00.0
Carl Edwards0.00.00.0
John Jaso0.00.00.0
Munenori Kawasaki0.00.00.0
Cory Luebke0.00.00.0
Felix Pena0.00.00.0
Juan Nicasio0.00.00.0
Kyle Schwarber0.00.00.0
A.J. Schugel0.00.00.0
Tim Adleman0.00.00.0
Carlos Asuaje0.00.00.0
Ivan DeJesus, Jr.
Robbie Erlin0.00.00.0
Billy Hamilton0.00.00.0
Brandon Maurer0.00.00.0
Rafael Lopez0.00.00.0
Alexei Ramirez0.00.00.0
Jordan Pacheco0.00.00.0
Yangervis Solarte0.00.00.0
Steve Selsky0.00.00.0
Jemile Weeks0.00.00.0
Kyle M. Waldrop0.00.00.0
Nelson R. Cruz0.00.00.0
Trevor Bauer0.00.00.0
Steve Johnson0.00.00.0
Erik Gonzalez0.00.00.0
Kyle Seager0.00.00.0
Zach McAllister0.00.00.0
Joe Wieland0.00.00.0
Roberto Perez0.00.00.0
Michael Broadway0.00.00.0
Cristhian Adames0.00.00.0
Cory Gearrin0.00.00.0
Matt Carasiti0.00.00.0
Shawn Kelley0.00.00.0
Yusmeiro Petit0.00.00.0
Josh Osich0.00.00.0
Carlos Gonzalez0.00.00.0
Matt P. Reynolds0.00.00.0
Jordan Lyles0.00.00.0
Kelby Tomlinson0.00.00.0
Jaime Garcia0.00.00.0
Raimel Tapia0.00.00.0
Tyler Lyons0.00.00.0
Tyler Collins0.00.00.0
Seung-hwan Oh0.00.00.0
JaCoby Jones0.00.00.0
Kevin Siegrist0.00.00.0
Matt Andriese0.00.00.0
Alex Presley0.00.00.0
Hank Conger0.00.00.0
Justin Upton0.00.00.0
Eddie Gamboa0.00.00.0
Alex Bregman0.00.00.0
Justin Marks0.00.00.0
Josh Da. Fields0.00.00.0
Yulieski Gurriel0.00.00.0
Elvis Andrus0.00.00.0
Colby Rasmus0.00.00.0
A.J. Griffin0.00.00.0
Tyler White0.00.00.0
Kyle Lohse0.00.00.0
Cheslor Cuthbert0.00.00.0
Reymond Fuentes0.00.00.0
Danny Barnes0.00.00.0
Ian Kennedy0.00.00.0
Matt Dermody0.00.00.0
Peter Moylan0.00.00.0
Chad Girodo0.00.00.0
Edison Volquez0.00.00.0
Roberto Osuna0.00.00.0
Mike Bolsinger0.00.00.0
Ryan Tepera0.00.00.0
Andre Ethier0.00.00.0
Rich Hill0.00.00.0
Kenta Maeda0.00.00.0
Corey Seager0.00.00.0
Chin-hui Tsao0.00.00.0
Robert Andino0.00.00.0
Paul Clemens0.00.00.0
Kendry Flores0.00.00.0
Don Kelly0.00.00.0
Yunel Escobar0.00.00.0
Marcell Ozuna0.00.00.0
Tim Lincecum0.00.00.0
Fernando Rodney0.00.00.0
Rafael Ortega0.00.00.0
Christian Yelich0.00.00.0
Chris Capuano0.00.00.0
Geovany Soto0.00.00.0
Scooter Gennett0.00.00.0
Jake Barrett0.00.00.0
Damien Magnifico0.00.00.0
Welington Castillo0.00.00.0
Hernan Perez0.00.00.0
Kyle Drabek0.00.00.0
Will Smith0.00.00.0
Zack Greinke0.00.00.0
Andrew Albers0.00.00.0
Matt Koch0.00.00.0
Brian Dozier0.00.00.0
David Peralta0.00.00.0
Max Kepler0.00.00.0
Brad Ziegler0.00.00.0
Eduardo Nunez0.00.00.0
Mauricio Cabrera0.00.00.0
Eddie Rosario0.00.00.0
Michael Foltynewicz0.00.00.0
Alex Wimmers0.00.00.0
Ender Inciarte0.00.00.0
Starlin Castro0.00.00.0
Matt Marksberry0.00.00.0
Nick Goody0.00.00.0
A.J. Pierzynski0.00.00.0
Brian McCann0.00.00.0
Branden Pinder0.00.00.0
Chasen Shreve0.00.00.0
Parker Bridwell0.00.00.0
Yovani Gallardo0.00.00.0
Michael Conforto0.00.00.0
Adam Jones0.00.00.0
Sean Gilmartin0.00.00.0
Ariel Miranda0.00.00.0
James Loney0.00.00.0
Chris Tillman0.00.00.0
Jose B. Reyes0.00.00.0
Matt Barnes0.00.00.0
Logan Verrett0.00.00.0
William Cuevas0.00.00.0
Chris Bassitt0.00.00.0
Joe Kelly0.00.00.0
Sonny Gray0.00.00.0
Mike Miller0.00.00.0
Sean Manaea0.00.00.0
David Price0.00.00.0
Dillon Overton0.00.00.0
Travis Shaw0.00.00.0
Jake Smolinski0.00.00.0
Jose Abreu0.00.00.0
Aaron Altherr0.00.00.0
Tyler Danish0.00.00.0
Jerad Eickhoff0.00.00.0
Leury Garcia0.00.00.0
Jeremy Hellickson0.00.00.0
Brett Lawrie0.00.00.0
Tommy Joseph0.00.00.0
Jose Quintana0.00.00.0
Aaron Nola0.00.00.0
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Daniel Stumpf0.00.00.0
Daniel Webb0.00.00.0
Gerrit Cole0.00.00.0
Jeimer Candelario0.00.00.0
Tyler Glasnow0.00.00.0
Justin Grimm0.00.00.0
Chad Kuhl0.00.00.0
Jon Lester0.00.00.0
Andrew McCutchen0.00.00.0
Clayton Richard0.00.00.0
Gregory Polanco0.00.00.0
Jameson Taillon0.00.00.0
Jay Bruce0.00.00.0
Jabari Blash0.00.00.0
Anthony DeSclafani0.00.00.0
Brad Hand0.00.00.0
J.J. Hoover0.00.00.0
Nick Noonan0.00.00.0
Tim Melville0.00.00.0
Brandon Phillips0.00.00.0
Jose Torres0.00.00.0
Layne Somsen0.00.00.0
Jonathan Aro0.00.00.0
Jesus Aguilar0.00.00.0
Franklin Gutierrez0.00.00.0
Carlos Carrasco0.00.00.0
Adam Lind0.00.00.0
Rajai Davis0.00.00.0
Dan Robertson0.00.00.0
T.J. House0.00.00.0
Jesus Sucre0.00.00.0
Adam Moore0.00.00.0
Tony Zych0.00.00.0
Danny Salazar0.00.00.0
Matt Cain0.00.00.0
Brandon Barnes0.00.00.0
Gorkys Hernandez0.00.00.0
Tyler Chatwood0.00.00.0
Brian Goodwin0.00.00.0
Reynaldo Lopez0.00.00.0
Ben Revere0.00.00.0
Daniel Descalso0.00.00.0
Jarrett Parker0.00.00.0
David Hale0.00.00.0
Denard Span0.00.00.0
Justin R. Miller0.00.00.0
Matthew Bowman0.00.00.0
Chad Qualls0.00.00.0
Rafael Ynoa0.00.00.0
Anthony Gose0.00.00.0
Mark Lowe0.00.00.0
Michael Wacha0.00.00.0
Dustin Molleken0.00.00.0
Brad Boxberger0.00.00.0
Bruce Rondon0.00.00.0
Dana Eveland0.00.00.0
Alex Wilson0.00.00.0
Desmond Jennings0.00.00.0
Carlos Correa0.00.00.0
Evan Gattis0.00.00.0
Steven Souza0.00.00.0
Teoscar Hernandez0.00.00.0
Matt Bush0.00.00.0
Colin Moran0.00.00.0
Sam Dyson0.00.00.0
Tony Sipp0.00.00.0
Billy Burns0.00.00.0
Yohander Mendez0.00.00.0
Danny Duffy0.00.00.0
Terrance Gore0.00.00.0
Andy Burns0.00.00.0
Whit Merrifield0.00.00.0
Matt Dominguez0.00.00.0
Brooks Pounders0.00.00.0
Brett Anderson0.00.00.0
Aaron Sanchez0.00.00.0
Carl Crawford0.00.00.0
Troy Tulowitzki0.00.00.0
Yimi Garcia0.00.00.0
Lucas Giolito0.00.00.0
Micah Johnson0.00.00.0
Yasiel Puig0.00.00.0
Ross Stripling0.00.00.0
Chase Utley0.00.00.0
Justin Bour0.00.00.0
Derek Dietrich0.00.00.0
Al Alburquerque0.00.00.0
Cody Hall0.00.00.0
Ji-Man Choi0.00.00.0
Dustin McGowan0.00.00.0
Juan Graterol0.00.00.0
Martin Prado0.00.00.0
Alex Meyer0.00.00.0
Giancarlo Stanton0.00.00.0
Jacob Barnes0.00.00.0
Hector Santiago0.00.00.0
Zach Davies0.00.00.0
Jeremy Jeffress0.00.00.0
Archie Bradley0.00.00.0
Will Middlebrooks0.00.00.0
Josh Collmenter0.00.00.0
Michael Reed0.00.00.0
Tyler Thornburg0.00.00.0
Oscar Hernandez0.00.00.0
Buddy Boshers0.00.00.0
Adam Loewen0.00.00.0
Kyle Gibson0.00.00.0
Jean Segura0.00.00.0
Joe Mauer0.00.00.0
Gordon Beckham0.00.00.0
Glen Perkins0.00.00.0
Hunter Cervenka0.00.00.0
Ervin Santana0.00.00.0
John Gant0.00.00.0
Johnny Barbato0.00.00.0
Kelly Johnson0.00.00.0
Ike B. Davis0.00.00.0
Eric O'Flaherty0.00.00.0
Chase Headley0.00.00.0
Chaz Roe0.00.00.0
Ivan Nova0.00.00.0
Matt Tuiasosopo0.00.00.0
Alex Rodriguez0.00.00.0
Dariel Alvarez0.00.00.0
Masahiro Tanaka0.00.00.0
Chris Davis0.00.00.0
Asdrubal Cabrera0.00.00.0
J.J. Hardy0.00.00.0
Jacob deGrom0.00.00.0
Manny Machado0.00.00.0
Robert Gsellman0.00.00.0
Steven Pearce0.00.00.0
Rafael Montero0.00.00.0
Matt Wieters0.00.00.0
T.J. Rivera0.00.00.0
Xander Bogaerts0.00.00.0
Gabriel Ynoa0.00.00.0
Heath Hembree0.00.00.0
Daniel Coulombe0.00.00.0
Tom Layne0.00.00.0
Liam Hendriks0.00.00.0
Sean O'Sullivan0.00.00.0
Daniel Mengden0.00.00.0
Eduardo J. Rodriguez0.00.00.0
Fernando Rodriguez0.00.00.0
Junichi Tazawa0.00.00.0
Danny Valencia0.00.00.0
Alex Avila0.00.00.0
Alec Asher0.00.00.0
Zach Duke0.00.00.0
Freddy Galvis0.00.00.0
Dan Jennings0.00.00.0
Frank Herrmann0.00.00.0
Omar Narvaez0.00.00.0
Michael Mariot0.00.00.0
Carlos Rodon0.00.00.0
Edubray Ramos0.00.00.0
J.B. Shuck0.00.00.0
Josh E. Bell0.00.00.0
Jake Arrieta0.00.00.0
Cole Figueroa0.00.00.0
Gerardo Concepcion0.00.00.0
Jared Hughes0.00.00.0
Jason Heyward0.00.00.0
Kyle Lobstein0.00.00.0
Joe Nathan0.00.00.0
Max Moroff0.00.00.0
David Ross0.00.00.0
Jason Rogers0.00.00.0
Rob Zastryzny0.00.00.0
Taylor Williams0.00.00.0
Caleb Cotham0.00.00.0
Alex Dickerson0.00.00.0
Adam Duvall0.00.00.0
Jon Jay0.00.00.0
Patrick Kivlehan0.00.00.0
Jose Pirela0.00.00.0
Jon Moscot0.00.00.0
Ryan Schimpf0.00.00.0
Keyvius Sampson0.00.00.0
Carlos Villanueva0.00.00.0
Eugenio Suarez0.00.00.0
Steve Cishek0.00.00.0
Cody Anderson0.00.00.0
Chris Iannetta0.00.00.0
Mike Clevinger0.00.00.0
Leonys Martin0.00.00.0
Chris Gimenez0.00.00.0
Adrian Sampson0.00.00.0
Francisco Lindor0.00.00.0
Dan Vogelbach0.00.00.0
Tyler Naquin0.00.00.0
Ty Blach0.00.00.0
Josh Tomlin0.00.00.0
Matt M. Duffy0.00.00.0
Charlie Blackmon0.00.00.0
Derek Law0.00.00.0
Bryce Harper0.00.00.0
Jonathan Papelbon0.00.00.0
Jayson Werth0.00.00.0
Matt Moore0.00.00.0
Dustin Garneau0.00.00.0
Hunter Pence0.00.00.0
DJ LeMahieu0.00.00.0
Albert Suarez0.00.00.0
Scott Oberg0.00.00.0
Aledmys Diaz0.00.00.0
Chris Rusin0.00.00.0
Dean Kiekhefer0.00.00.0
Miguel Cabrera0.00.00.0
Yadier Molina0.00.00.0
John Hicks0.00.00.0
Alberto Rosario0.00.00.0
J.D. Martinez0.00.00.0
Jerome Williams0.00.00.0
Bobby Parnell0.00.00.0
Alex Cobb0.00.00.0
Anibal Sanchez0.00.00.0
Logan Forsythe0.00.00.0
Jordan Zimmermann0.00.00.0
Scott Feldman0.00.00.0
Erasmo J. Ramirez0.00.00.0
Chase Whitley0.00.00.0
Dallas Keuchel0.00.00.0
Alex Claudio0.00.00.0
David Paulino0.00.00.0
Jose Leclerc0.00.00.0
Christian Colon0.00.00.0
Rougned Odor0.00.00.0
Alcides Escobar0.00.00.0
Dustin Antolin0.00.00.0
Eric Hosmer0.00.00.0
Kendry Morales0.00.00.0
Marco Estrada0.00.00.0
Jason Vargas0.00.00.0
Russ Martin0.00.00.0
Justin Smoak0.00.00.0
Jose De Leon0.00.00.0
A.J. Cole0.00.00.0
D. Chris Hatcher0.00.00.0
Clayton Kershaw0.00.00.0
Carlos Ruiz0.00.00.0
Trayce Thompson0.00.00.0
Zach Walters0.00.00.0
Andrew Cashner0.00.00.0
Jake Esch0.00.00.0
Jett Bandy0.00.00.0
Todd Cunningham0.00.00.0
Justin Nicolino0.00.00.0
Andrew Heaney0.00.00.0
J.T. Realmuto0.00.00.0
Ricky Nolasco0.00.00.0
Jose Urena0.00.00.0
Cory Rasmus0.00.00.0
Ryan J. Braun0.00.00.0
Tyler Skaggs0.00.00.0
Sam Freeman0.00.00.0
Daniel Wright0.00.00.0
Corey Knebel0.00.00.0
Matt Buschmann0.00.00.0
Ariel Pena0.00.00.0
Rubby De La Rosa0.00.00.0
Domingo Santana0.00.00.0
Tuffy Gosewisch0.00.00.0
Colin Walsh0.00.00.0
Daniel Hudson0.00.00.0
J.T. Chargois0.00.00.0
Peter R. O'Brien0.00.00.0
Phil Hughes0.00.00.0
Tyler Wagner0.00.00.0
Tom Milone0.00.00.0
Jed Bradley0.00.00.0
Ryan Pressly0.00.00.0
Joel De La Cruz0.00.00.0
Michael Tonkin0.00.00.0
Lucas Harrell0.00.00.0
Richard Bleier0.00.00.0
Ian Krol0.00.00.0
Williams Perez0.00.00.0
Jonathan Holder0.00.00.0
Mallex Smith0.00.00.0
Chris Parmelee0.00.00.0
Robert Whalen0.00.00.0
Gary Sanchez0.00.00.0
Julio Borbon0.00.00.0
Mason Williams0.00.00.0
Brian Duensing0.00.00.0
Yoenis Cespedes0.00.00.0
Paul Janish0.00.00.0
Jeurys Familia0.00.00.0
T.J. McFarland0.00.00.0
Ty Kelly0.00.00.0
Kevin Plawecki0.00.00.0
Mike Wright0.00.00.0
Josh Smoker0.00.00.0
Clay Buchholz0.00.00.0
Yonder Alonso0.00.00.0
Bryan Holaday0.00.00.0
Ryan Dull0.00.00.0
Deven Marrero0.00.00.0
Jed Lowrie0.00.00.0
Drew Pomeranz0.00.00.0
Renato Nunez0.00.00.0
Pablo Sandoval0.00.00.0
Marcus Semien0.00.00.0
Steven Wright0.00.00.0
Joey Wendle0.00.00.0
Scott Carroll0.00.00.0
Carson Fulmer0.00.00.0
Jeanmar Gomez0.00.00.0
Tommy Kahnle0.00.00.0
Ryan Howard0.00.00.0
Matt Purke0.00.00.0
Colton Murray0.00.00.0
Chris Sale0.00.00.0
Cameron Rupp0.00.00.0
Charlie Tilson0.00.00.0
Arquimedes Caminero0.00.00.0
Jake Buchanan0.00.00.0
David Freese0.00.00.0
Tim Federowicz0.00.00.0
Matthew Joyce0.00.00.0
John Lackey0.00.00.0
Kyle Martin0.00.00.0
Joel Peralta0.00.00.0
Curtis Partch0.00.00.0
Jorge Soler0.00.00.0
Jacob Stallings0.00.00.0
Homer Bailey0.00.00.0
Buddy Baumann0.00.00.0
Steve Delabar0.00.00.0
Christian Friedrich0.00.00.0
Drew Hayes0.00.00.0
Brandon Morrow0.00.00.0
Michael Lorenzen0.00.00.0
Hunter Renfroe0.00.00.0
Jose Peraza0.00.00.0
Cory Spangenberg0.00.00.0
Alfredo Simon0.00.00.0
Dan Altavilla0.00.00.0
Blake Wood0.00.00.0
Edwin O. Diaz0.00.00.0
Michael Brantley0.00.00.0
Nate Karns0.00.00.0
Coco Crisp0.00.00.0
James Paxton0.00.00.0
Tom Gorzelanny0.00.00.0
Seth Smith0.00.00.0
Ryan Merritt0.00.00.0
Tom Wilhelmsen0.00.00.0
Adam Plutko0.00.00.0
Trevor Brown0.00.00.0
Tyler Anderson0.00.00.0
Stephen Cardullo0.00.00.0
Spencer Kieboom0.00.00.0
Wilson Ramos0.00.00.0
Sammy Solis0.00.00.0
Angel Pagan0.00.00.0
Jon Gray0.00.00.0
Sergio Romo0.00.00.0
German Marquez0.00.00.0
Mac Williamson0.00.00.0
Jordan Patterson0.00.00.0
Randal Grichuk0.00.00.0
Pat Valaika0.00.00.0
Seth Maness0.00.00.0
Buck Farmer0.00.00.0
Brayan Pena0.00.00.0
Logan Kensing0.00.00.0
Miguel Socolovich0.00.00.0
James McCann0.00.00.0
Chris Archer0.00.00.0
Frankie Rodriguez0.00.00.0
Jaff Decker0.00.00.0
Drew VerHagen0.00.00.0
Ryan Garton0.00.00.0
Jason Castro0.00.00.0
Brad Miller0.00.00.0
Michael Fiers0.00.00.0
Drew Smyly0.00.00.0
Jandel Gustave0.00.00.0
Tony Barnette0.00.00.0
Lance McCullers Jr.
Ian Desmond0.00.00.0
A.J. Reed0.00.00.0
Cole Hamels0.00.00.0
Danny Worth0.00.00.0
Nick Martinez0.00.00.0
Wade Davis0.00.00.0
Cesar Ramos0.00.00.0
Dillon Gee0.00.00.0
Jose 'Joey Bats' Bautista0.00.00.0
Kevin McCarthy0.00.00.0
Scott Diamond0.00.00.0
Paulo Orlando0.00.00.0
Ryan Goins0.00.00.0
Chien-Ming Wang0.00.00.0
Kevin Pillar0.00.00.0
Jesse Chavez0.00.00.0
Josh Thole0.00.00.0
Casey Fien0.00.00.0
Stephen Drew0.00.00.0
J.P. Howell0.00.00.0
Brandon McCarthy0.00.00.0
Rob Segedin0.00.00.0
Justin Turner0.00.00.0
Oswaldo Arcia0.00.00.0
Adam Conley0.00.00.0
Cole Gillespie0.00.00.0
Kole Calhoun0.00.00.0
Tom Koehler0.00.00.0
Craig Gentry0.00.00.0
Greg Mahle0.00.00.0
Chase Anderson0.00.00.0
Brendan Ryan0.00.00.0
V. Chris Carter0.00.00.0
Huston Street0.00.00.0
David Goforth0.00.00.0
Martin Maldonado0.00.00.0
Andrew Chafin0.00.00.0
Manny Pina0.00.00.0
Brandon Drury0.00.00.0
Andrew Susac0.00.00.0
Mitch Haniger0.00.00.0
James Beresford0.00.00.0
Jake Lamb0.00.00.0
Tyler Duffey0.00.00.0
A.J. Pollock0.00.00.0
Brandon Kintzler0.00.00.0
Dario Alvarez0.00.00.0
Ryan O'Rourke0.00.00.0
Fausto Carmona0.00.00.0
Miguel Sano0.00.00.0
Jeff Francoeur0.00.00.0
Dustin Ackley0.00.00.0
Tyrell Jenkins0.00.00.0
Luis Cessa0.00.00.0
Nick Markakis0.00.00.0
Chad Green0.00.00.0
Jose A. Ramirez0.00.00.0
Bryan Mitchell0.00.00.0
Dansby Swanson0.00.00.0
Michael Pineda0.00.00.0
Chris Withrow0.00.00.0
Zach Britton0.00.00.0
Antonio Bastardo0.00.00.0
Kevin Gausman0.00.00.0
Travis d'Arnaud0.00.00.0
Caleb Joseph0.00.00.0
Erik Goeddel0.00.00.0
Darren O'Day0.00.00.0
Seth Lugo0.00.00.0
Ashur Tolliver0.00.00.0
Matt W. Reynolds0.00.00.0
Andrew Benintendi0.00.00.0
Neil Walker0.00.00.0
Roenis Elias0.00.00.0
Mark Canha0.00.00.0
Craig Kimbrel0.00.00.0
Jesse Hahn0.00.00.0
Bruce Maxwell0.00.00.0
Hanley Ramirez0.00.00.0
Josh Phegley0.00.00.0
Carson Smith0.00.00.0
Eric Surkamp0.00.00.0
Matt Albers0.00.00.0
Elvis Araujo0.00.00.0
John Danks0.00.00.0
Taylor Featherston0.00.00.0
Miguel Angel Gonzalez0.00.00.0
Cesar A. Hernandez0.00.00.0
Juan Minaya0.00.00.0
Phil Klein0.00.00.0
Anthony Ranaudo0.00.00.0
Jerry Sands0.00.00.0
Jake Thompson0.00.00.0
Michael Ynoa0.00.00.0
Elias Diaz0.00.00.0
Aroldis Chapman0.00.00.0
Alen Hanson0.00.00.0
Jason Hammel0.00.00.0
Wade LeBlanc0.00.00.0
Miguel Montero0.00.00.0
Mark Melancon0.00.00.0
Anthony Rizzo0.00.00.0
Felipe Vazquez0.00.00.0
Adam Warren0.00.00.0
Ryan Vogelsong0.00.00.0
Ramon Cabrera0.00.00.0
Ryan Buchter0.00.00.0
Dayan Diaz0.00.00.0
Austin Hedges0.00.00.0
Raisel Iglesias0.00.00.0
Derek Norris0.00.00.0
Devin Mesoraco0.00.00.0
Tyson Ross0.00.00.0
Cody Reed0.00.00.0
B.J. Upton0.00.00.0
Robert Stephenson0.00.00.0
Joaquin Benoit0.00.00.0
Cody Allen0.00.00.0
Joba Chamberlain0.00.00.0
Cody Martin0.00.00.0
Ross Detwiler0.00.00.0
David Rollins0.00.00.0
Jason Kipnis0.00.00.0
Pat Venditte0.00.00.0
Shawn Morimando0.00.00.0
Ehire Adrianza0.00.00.0
Carlos Santana0.00.00.0
Brandon Crawford0.00.00.0
Christian Bergman0.00.00.0
Chris Heston0.00.00.0
David Dahl0.00.00.0
Trevor Gott0.00.00.0
Rafael Martin0.00.00.0
Tanner Roark0.00.00.0
Blake Treinen0.00.00.0
Carlos Estevez0.00.00.0
Jake Peavy0.00.00.0
Jeff Hoffman0.00.00.0
Chris Stratton0.00.00.0
Jason Motte0.00.00.0
Jonathan Broxton0.00.00.0
Ryan Raburn0.00.00.0
Matt Holliday0.00.00.0
Mike Aviles0.00.00.0
Mike Mayers0.00.00.0
Shane Greene0.00.00.0
Stephen Piscotty0.00.00.0
Dixon Machado0.00.00.0
Adam Wainwright0.00.00.0
Steven Moya0.00.00.0
Curt Casali0.00.00.0
Kyle Ryan0.00.00.0
Danny Farquhar0.00.00.0
Bobby Wilson0.00.00.0
Kevin Kiermaier0.00.00.0
Chris Devenski0.00.00.0
Jake Odorizzi0.00.00.0
Ken Giles0.00.00.0
Tyler Sturdevant0.00.00.0
James Hoyt0.00.00.0
Joseph Musgrove0.00.00.0
Andrew Faulkner0.00.00.0
George Springer0.00.00.0
Luke Jackson0.00.00.0
Drew Butera0.00.00.0
Mitch Moreland0.00.00.0
Tanner Scheppers0.00.00.0
Kelvin Herrera0.00.00.0
Alec Mills0.00.00.0
Josh Donaldson0.00.00.0
Joakim Soria0.00.00.0
Arnold Leon0.00.00.0
Luis Avilan0.00.00.0
Michael Saunders0.00.00.0
Charlie Culberson0.00.00.0
Matt Belisle0.00.00.0
Adrian Gonzalez0.00.00.0
Koda Glover0.00.00.0
Scott Kazmir0.00.00.0
Josh Ravin0.00.00.0
Scott Van Slyke0.00.00.0
Craig Breslow0.00.00.0
Michael Dunn0.00.00.0
Jose R. Alvarez0.00.00.0
Adeiny Hechavarria0.00.00.0
Bryan Morris0.00.00.0
Deolis Guerra0.00.00.0
A.J. Ramos0.00.00.0
Mike Morin0.00.00.0
Ichiro Suzuki0.00.00.0
Albert Pujols0.00.00.0
Matt Shoemaker0.00.00.0
Jose A. Valdez0.00.00.0
Taylor Jungmann0.00.00.0
Socrates Brito0.00.00.0
Jimmy Nelson0.00.00.0
Patrick Corbin0.00.00.0
Yadiel Rivera0.00.00.0
Zack Godley0.00.00.0
Carlos Torres0.00.00.0
Chris Herrmann0.00.00.0
Byron Buxton0.00.00.0
Evan Marshall0.00.00.0
J.R. Graham0.00.00.0
Trevor May0.00.00.0
Aaron Blair0.00.00.0
Trevor Plouffe0.00.00.0
Brandon Cunniff0.00.00.0
Logan Schafer0.00.00.0
Adonis Garcia0.00.00.0
Carlos Beltran0.00.00.0
Casey Kelly0.00.00.0
Jacoby Ellsbury0.00.00.0
Alexi Ogando0.00.00.0
Ben Heller0.00.00.0
Rio Ruiz0.00.00.0
Tyler Olson0.00.00.0
Arodys Vizcaino0.00.00.0
Austin Romine0.00.00.0
Pedro Alvarez0.00.00.0
Mark Teixeira0.00.00.0
Odrisamer Despaigne0.00.00.0
Eric Campbell0.00.00.0
Donnie Hart0.00.00.0
Lucas Duda0.00.00.0
Trey Mancini0.00.00.0
Matt Harvey0.00.00.0
Francisco Pena0.00.00.0
Jonathon Niese0.00.00.0
Tyler Wilson0.00.00.0
Hansel Robles0.00.00.0
Arismendy Alcantara0.00.00.0
Khris Davis0.00.00.0
Sandy Leon0.00.00.0
Henry C. Owens0.00.00.0
Robbie Ross0.00.00.0
Marc Rzepczynski0.00.00.0
Koji Uehara0.00.00.0
Stephen Vogt0.00.00.0
Chris Beck0.00.00.0
Andres Blanco0.00.00.0
Adam C. Eaton0.00.00.0
Luis A. Garcia0.00.00.0
Erik C. Johnson0.00.00.0
Odubel Herrera0.00.00.0
Dioner Navarro0.00.00.0
Adam Morgan0.00.00.0
Jimmy Rollins0.00.00.0
Joely Rodriguez0.00.00.0
Blake Smith0.00.00.0
Wilfredo Boscan0.00.00.0
Javier Baez0.00.00.0
Pedro Florimon0.00.00.0
Willson Contreras0.00.00.0
Drew Hutchison0.00.00.0
Ryan Kalish0.00.00.0
Jeff Locke0.00.00.0
Spencer Patton0.00.00.0
Mike Morse0.00.00.0
Addison Russell0.00.00.0
Jorge Rondon0.00.00.0
Ben Zobrist0.00.00.0
Zack Cozart0.00.00.0
Jose Dominguez0.00.00.0
Brandon Finnegan0.00.00.0
Manuel Margot0.00.00.0
John M. Lamb0.00.00.0
Kevin Quackenbush0.00.00.0
Ross Ohlendorf0.00.00.0
Jake Smith0.00.00.0
Scott Schebler0.00.00.0
Brett Wallace0.00.00.0
Joey Votto0.00.00.0
Steve Clevenger0.00.00.0
Shawn Armstrong0.00.00.0
Hisashi Iwakuma0.00.00.0
Joseph Colon0.00.00.0
Vidal Nuno0.00.00.0
Yan Gomes0.00.00.0
Evan Scribner0.00.00.0
Jeff Manship0.00.00.0
Taijuan Walker0.00.00.0
Dan Otero0.00.00.0
Juan Uribe0.00.00.0
Jairo Garcia0.00.00.0
Eddie Butler0.00.00.0
Javier Lopez0.00.00.0
Oliver Perez0.00.00.0
Max Scherzer0.00.00.0
Ryan Zimmerman0.00.00.0
Steven Okert0.00.00.0
Gonzalez Germen0.00.00.0
Buster Posey0.00.00.0
Boone Logan0.00.00.0
Adam Ottavino0.00.00.0
Trevor Story0.00.00.0
Nick Castellanos0.00.00.0
Brandon Moss0.00.00.0
Jose Iglesias0.00.00.0
Trevor Rosenthal0.00.00.0
Victor Martinez0.00.00.0
Mike Pelfrey0.00.00.0
Alex Colome0.00.00.0
Warwick Saupold0.00.00.0
Nick Franklin0.00.00.0
Jose Altuve0.00.00.0
Luke Maile0.00.00.0
Michael Feliz0.00.00.0
Enny Romero0.00.00.0
Luke Gregerson0.00.00.0
Eric Kratz0.00.00.0
Yu Darvish0.00.00.0
Brad Peacock0.00.00.0
Chi Chi Gonzalez0.00.00.0
Luis Valbuena0.00.00.0
Colby Lewis0.00.00.0
Tony Cruz0.00.00.0
Martin Perez0.00.00.0
Brian Flynn0.00.00.0
Omar Infante0.00.00.0
Chris Colabello0.00.00.0
Mike Moustakas0.00.00.0
Gavin Floyd0.00.00.0
Yordano Ventura0.00.00.0
Franklin Morales0.00.00.0
Joe Blanton0.00.00.0
Marcus Stroman0.00.00.0
A.J. Ellis0.00.00.0
Matt den Dekker0.00.00.0
Enrique Hernandez0.00.00.0
Adam Liberatore0.00.00.0
Hyun-jin Ryu0.00.00.0
Andrew Toles0.00.00.0
Alex Wood0.00.00.0
Wei-Yin Chen0.00.00.0
Jose D. Fernandez0.00.00.0
Cam Bedrosian0.00.00.0
Chris Johnson0.00.00.0
Cody Ege0.00.00.0
Nefi Ogando0.00.00.0
David Huff0.00.00.0
Jo-Jo Reyes0.00.00.0
Brett Oberholtzer0.00.00.0
Nick Wittgren0.00.00.0
Garrett Richards0.00.00.0
Keon Broxton0.00.00.0
Joe M. Smith0.00.00.0
Matt Garza0.00.00.0
Nick Ahmed0.00.00.0
Jonathan Lucroy0.00.00.0
Vicente Campos0.00.00.0
Wily Peralta0.00.00.0
Randall Delgado0.00.00.0
Rob Scahill0.00.00.0
Philip Gosselin0.00.00.0
Andy Wilkins0.00.00.0
Kyle Jensen0.00.00.0
Pat Dean0.00.00.0
Chris Owings0.00.00.0
Kevin Jepsen0.00.00.0
Rickie Weeks0.00.00.0
J.R. Murphy0.00.00.0
Reid Brignac0.00.00.0
Taylor Rogers0.00.00.0
Tyler Flowers0.00.00.0
Kennys Vargas0.00.00.0
Jason Hursh0.00.00.0
Billy Butler0.00.00.0
Blake Lalli0.00.00.0
Brett Gardner0.00.00.0
Jace Peterson0.00.00.0
Aaron Judge0.00.00.0
Brandon Snyder0.00.00.0
James Pazos0.00.00.0
Daniel Winkler0.00.00.0
Luis Severino0.00.00.0
Brad Brach0.00.00.0
Kirby Yates0.00.00.0
Bartolo Colon0.00.00.0
Ubaldo Jimenez0.00.00.0
Wilmer Flores0.00.00.0
Wade Miley0.00.00.0
Juan Lagares0.00.00.0
Jonathan Schoop0.00.00.0
Addison Reed0.00.00.0
Fernando Abad0.00.00.0
Noah Syndergaard0.00.00.0
John Axford0.00.00.0
Brock Holt0.00.00.0
Kendall Graveman0.00.00.0
Michael Martinez0.00.00.0
Ryan Madson0.00.00.0
Rick Porcello0.00.00.0
Matt Olson0.00.00.0
Robby Scott0.00.00.0
Chris M. Smith0.00.00.0
Chris B. Young0.00.00.0
Jorge Alfaro0.00.00.0
Jason Coats0.00.00.0
Zach Eflin0.00.00.0
Avisail Garcia0.00.00.0
Severino Gonzalez0.00.00.0
Mat Latos0.00.00.0
Cedric Hunter0.00.00.0
Zach Putnam0.00.00.0
Hector Neris0.00.00.0
Carlos Sanchez0.00.00.0
James Russell0.00.00.0
Jacob Turner0.00.00.0
Francisco Cervelli0.00.00.0
Trevor Cahill0.00.00.0
Dexter Fowler0.00.00.0
Jung Ho Kang0.00.00.0
Tommy La Stella0.00.00.0
Starling Marte0.00.00.0
Neil Ramirez0.00.00.0
Zach Phillips0.00.00.0
Pedro Strop0.00.00.0
Chris Stewart0.00.00.0
Tucker Barnhart0.00.00.0
Abel De Los Santos0.00.00.0
Tayron Guerrero0.00.00.0
Wil Myers0.00.00.0
Matt Magill0.00.00.0
Jose Rondon0.00.00.0
Wandy Peralta0.00.00.0
Matt Thornton0.00.00.0
Austin D. Adams0.00.00.0
Mayckol Guaipe0.00.00.0
Marlon Byrd0.00.00.0
Dae-ho Lee0.00.00.0
Kyle Crockett0.00.00.0
Donn Roach0.00.00.0
Brandon Guyer0.00.00.0
Drew Storen0.00.00.0
Andrew Miller0.00.00.0
Mike Zunino0.00.00.0
Jose 'Lapara' Ramirez0.00.00.0
Madison Bumgarner0.00.00.0
Nolan Arenado0.00.00.0
Grant Green0.00.00.0
Miguel Castro0.00.00.0
Gio Gonzalez0.00.00.0
Jose Lobaton0.00.00.0
Stephen Strasburg0.00.00.0
Joe Panik0.00.00.0
Jason Gurka0.00.00.0
Jake McGee0.00.00.0
Matt Adams0.00.00.0
Ben Paulsen0.00.00.0
Jedd Gyorko0.00.00.0
Tony Wolters0.00.00.0
Michael Fulmer0.00.00.0
Jhonny Peralta0.00.00.0
Ian Kinsler0.00.00.0
Sam Tuivailala0.00.00.0
Casey McGehee0.00.00.0
Corey Dickerson0.00.00.0
Justin Verlander0.00.00.0
Steve Geltz0.00.00.0
Kevin Chapman0.00.00.0
Logan Morrison0.00.00.0
Doug Fister0.00.00.0
Blake Snell0.00.00.0
Will Harris0.00.00.0
Adrian Beltre0.00.00.0
Collin McHugh0.00.00.0
Jacob Diekman0.00.00.0
Brady Rodgers0.00.00.0
Derek Holland0.00.00.0
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Alex Gordon0.00.00.0
Joe Biagini0.00.00.0
Kris Medlen0.00.00.0
R.A. Dickey0.00.00.0
Salvador Perez0.00.00.0
J.A. Happ0.00.00.0
Chris R. Young0.00.00.0
Louis Coleman0.00.00.0
Devon Travis0.00.00.0
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Julio Urias0.00.00.0
Kyle Barraclough0.00.00.0
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Dee Gordon0.00.00.0
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Jeff Mathis0.00.00.0
Johnny Giavotella0.00.00.0
David Phelps0.00.00.0
Xavier Scruggs0.00.00.0
Orlando Arcia0.00.00.0
Fernando Salas0.00.00.0
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Erick Aybar0.00.00.0
Byung Ho Park0.00.00.0
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Anthony Swarzak0.00.00.0
Dylan Bundy0.00.00.0
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Hyun Soo Kim0.00.00.0
Curtis Granderson0.00.00.0
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Steven Matz0.00.00.0
Mark Trumbo0.00.00.0
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David Wright0.00.00.0
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Ryan LaMarre0.00.00.0
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David Ortiz0.00.00.0
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David Hernandez0.00.00.0
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David Robertson0.00.00.0
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Ryan Flaherty0.00.0-0.0
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Alejandro de Aza0.00.0-0.0
Mikie Mahtook0.00.0-0.0
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Sean Rodriguez0.00.0-0.0
Jeremy Hazelbaker0.00.0-0.0
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Tyler Holt0.00.0-0.0
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Jefry Marte0.00.0-0.0
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Richie Shaffer0.00.0-0.0
Darwin Barney0.00.0-0.0
Nomar Mazara0.00.0-0.0
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Carlos E. Perez0.00.0-0.0
Hanser Alberto0.00.0-0.0
Carlos Martinez0.00.0-0.0
Jake Elmore0.00.0-0.0
Travis Jankowski0.00.1-0.0

Noteworthy Players of 2016

Noteworthy Retirements
It appears that the 2016 season will be the final season in the careers of several noteworthy players. The two most significant players whose final season was 2016 were probably long-time AL East rivals Alex Rodriguez and David Ortiz. Several years ago, I wrote an article comparing Rodriguez's and Ortiz's 2005 seasons, when they finished first and second in American League MVP voting. Their careers, as measured by Player won-lost records, are compared in the next table.

Alex Rodriguez David Ortiz
Season Games pWins pLoss Win Pct. pWOPA pWORL Games pWins pLoss Win Pct. pWOPA pWORL
------ ------ ------ ------ ------ ------ ------ ------ ------ ------ ------ ------ ------
CAREER RECORDS2,783373.9297.20.55742.5

In Memoriam: Jose Fernandez
Finally, one other noteworthy event of 2016 warrants mention. In addition to the retirements of several players at the end of long and illustrious careeers, 2016 was the final season for one player for a far more tragic reason. On September 25, 2016, Marlins pitcher Jose Fernandez died tragically at the age of 24. The next table presents Jose Fernandez's career as evaluated by Player won-lost records.

Jose D. Fernandez
Basic Player Won-Lost Records
Value Decomposition
Season Team Age Games pWins pLosses pWin Pct. pWOPA pWORL eWins eLosses eWin Pct. eWOPA eWORL
------ ------ ------ ------ ------ ------ ------ ------ ------ ------ ------ ------ ------ ------
CAREER (reg. season)

Pitcher careers are much harder to forecast than position player careers, especially very young pitchers. The next table shows the 10 players most similar to Jose Fernandez in career value through age 23 (2016 was Fernandez's "age-23" season even though he had turned 24 before his untimely death).

Wins over Baseline
Player Games pWins pLosses pWOPA pWORL Batting Baserunning Pitching Fielding
Jose D. Fernandez
Roger Clemens
Mark Prior
Madison Bumgarner
Clayton Kershaw
Carlos Zambrano
Dontrelle Willis
Ismael Valdez
Pete Donohue
Bret Saberhagen
Dean Chance

It's hard to say exactly what Jose Fernandez's career might have looked like had he lived longer. There are no Hall-of-Famers on that list (yet), but 5 of the 10 players won a combined 14 Cy Young awards. Of course, the greatest tragedy of Jose Fernandez's death was not what his major-league career might have looked like but what the rest of his life might have been.

All articles are written so that they pull data directly from the most recent version of the Player won-lost database. Hence, any numbers cited within these articles should automatically incorporate the most recent update to Player won-lost records. In some cases, however, the accompanying text may have been written based on previous versions of Player won-lost records. I apologize if this results in non-sensical text in any cases.

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