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Random Games

Random Games

With baseball on hiatus - along with much of the rest of the world - I thought I'd try to fill the gap a little bit by writing up random games through MLB history. These are chosen randomly. First, I pick a random season between 1918 and 2019 (the seasons for which Retrosheet has released play-by-play data). I then pick a random team within that season. And, finally, a random game played by that team.

I'm not sure how frequently I will do games - as of now, I do still have a day job. But I will link to them below as I post them. I hope you enjoy them. (note: I re-sorted them so they're now in chronological order of when the games happened, not of when I posted them.)

Cincinnati Reds @ Pittsburgh Pirates, May 29, 1922

Pittsburgh Pirates @ Philadelphia Phillies, August 27, 1929

1930 World Series Game 4: Philadelphia A's @ St. Louis Cardinals, October 5, 1930

Cleveland Indians @ Detroit Tigers, August 6, 1936

Boston Red Sox @ Detroit Tigers, July 4, 1945 (Game 1)

Philadelphia A's @ New York Yankees, July 6, 1947 (Game 1)

Washington Senators @ Boston Red Sox, August 7, 1958

Cincinnati Reds @ Los Angeles Dodgers, June 19, 1959

Los Angeles Angels @ Minnesota Twins, July 5, 1961

Boston Red Sox @ New York Yankees, April 28, 1969

1975 World Series Game 6: Cincinnati Reds @ Boston Red Sox, October 21, 1975

Detroit Tigers @ Minnesota Twins, July 20, 1979

Montreal Expos @ San Francisco Giants, April 29, 1982

Seattle Mariners @ Boston Red Sox, July 27, 1985

Philadelphia Phillies @ Chicago Cubs, September 29, 1985

Milwaukee Brewers @ Detroit Tigers, June 28, 1986

Seattle Mariners @ Toronto Blue Jays, July 9, 1988

California Angels @ Chicago White Sox, September 17, 1989

Chicago Cubs @ Pittsburgh Pirates, September 17, 1989

Cincinnati Reds @ San Francisco Giants, August 10, 1993

Tampa Bay Devil Rays @ Seattle Mariners, June 2, 2001

Texas Rangers @ Houston Astros, June 14, 2002

St. Louis Cardinals @ San Diego Padres, July 22, 2003

Chicago White Sox @ Kansas City Royals, July 27, 2005

Pittsburgh Pirates @ Houston Astros, April 4, 2007

Cincinnati Reds @ Arizona Diamondbacks, May 11, 2009

Toronto Blue Jays @ New York Yankees, August 19, 2018

Article last updated: May 29, 2020

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