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Weighted Career Leaders (1951 - 1951)

Rank Player Key Stat pWins pLosses pWin Pct. eWins eLosses eWin Pct.
1Jackie Robinson8.624.214.60.62422.115.20.591
2Ed Lopat6.817.312.80.57515.712.10.565
3Roy Campanella6.516.411.30.59117.011.80.591
4Warren Spahn6.322.616.20.58220.516.90.548
5Robin Roberts5.921.717.50.55421.116.10.568
6E. Mike Garcia5.718.513.60.57616.312.40.569
7Pee Wee Reese5.522.317.00.56821.818.40.542
8Stan Musial5.423.416.30.59023.116.30.586
9Sal Maglie5.121.615.20.58719.517.10.533
10Alvin Dark4.922.117.90.55220.519.50.512
11Ralph Kiner4.921.216.10.56823.615.60.602
12Monte Irvin4.923.315.80.59721.516.80.562
13Larry Doby4.819.314.30.57419.613.60.590
14Billy Pierce4.717.212.70.57515.612.80.549
15Gil Hodges4.720.013.70.59319.514.60.573
16Ted Williams4.625.218.80.57425.017.80.584
17Wes Westrum4.612.78.20.60711.79.10.564
18Eddie Joost4.519.917.70.52921.917.10.561
19Bobby Thomson4.522.015.10.59219.715.00.567
20Gil McDougald4.313.910.50.57014.611.60.558
21Ned Garver4.
22Eddie Stanky3.918.614.20.56818.215.30.543
23Yogi Berra3.816.512.70.56515.312.60.547
24Carl Furillo3.823.217.90.56424.420.30.545
25Early Wynn3.618.215.30.54217.615.80.527