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Weighted Career Leaders (1984 - 1984)

Rank Player Key Stat pWins pLosses pWin Pct. eWins eLosses eWin Pct.
1Cal Ripken28.425.819.50.56925.019.80.558
2Ryne Sandberg24.825.118.70.57324.619.60.556
3Alan Trammell22.319.815.10.56718.316.10.533
4Kirk Gibson21.
5Eddie Murray20.622.515.20.59819.914.40.580
6Gary Carter20.
7Mike Schmidt19.
8Dwight Evans19.125.519.80.56324.419.90.551
9Willie Hernandez18.
10Tony Gwynn Sr.18.525.518.10.58522.018.80.539
11Dale Murphy18.424.220.00.54824.218.70.564
12Rickey Henderson18.322.217.20.56321.416.60.564
13Lou Whitaker17.919.215.00.56217.916.30.523
14Dwight Gooden17.316.511.70.58613.510.80.555
15Tim Raines Sr.17.324.120.30.54223.919.10.555
16Keith Hernandez16.619.813.80.59018.613.70.577
17Lloyd Moseby16.421.818.60.54122.118.20.548
18Rick Sutcliffe16.
19Robin Yount16.019.919.40.50721.319.00.528
20Bert Blyleven15.914.39.30.60414.510.80.572
21Tim Teufel15.920.918.60.53019.618.10.520
22Dwayne Murphy15.921.618.90.53322.118.30.547
23Alvin Davis15.619.415.30.55918.814.20.569
24Doyle Alexander15.514.410.00.58915.111.50.568
25Dan Quisenberry15.