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Weighted Career Leaders (1988 - 1988)

Rank Player Key Stat pWins pLosses pWin Pct. eWins eLosses eWin Pct.
1Orel Hershiser25.421.314.10.60217.014.50.539
2Jose Canseco25.025.816.90.60424.618.40.573
3Darryl Strawberry23.826.416.70.61322.916.90.575
4Mike Greenwell23.326.719.20.58224.218.30.569
5Andy Van Slyke21.524.317.20.58623.017.40.569
6Roger Clemens21.418.412.30.59917.211.40.603
7Danny Jackson19.519.513.70.58716.213.90.537
8Kevin McReynolds19.423.117.30.57221.616.20.571
9Rickey Henderson19.322.617.10.57022.717.90.559
10Wade Boggs19.219.415.20.56120.615.20.575
11Dave Henderson19.
12Kirby Puckett19.023.618.90.55623.218.70.554
13Alan Trammell19.
14Mark Gubicza18.616.911.80.58816.912.30.578
15Kirk Gibson18.322.116.90.56721.016.70.557
16Ozzie Smith18.321.717.50.55421.117.90.540
17Frank Viola18.217.911.90.60015.912.50.560
18Will Clark17.821.214.30.59719.614.20.580
19Greg Maddux17.518.313.30.57916.214.70.523
20Eric Davis17.520.714.10.59517.413.30.566
21Barry Bonds17.421.715.80.57920.516.20.559
22Barry Larkin17.221.417.80.54520.317.30.539
23Teddy Higuera17.
24David Cone16.414.710.60.58014.813.10.530
25Tim Leary16.116.512.90.56215.413.20.540