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Weighted Career Leaders (2013 - 2013)

Rank Player Key Stat pWins pLosses pWin Pct. eWins eLosses eWin Pct.
1Clayton Kershaw22.715.810.90.59115.410.80.588
2Shin-Soo Choo22.223.616.90.58323.317.10.577
3Matt Carpenter22.123.416.80.58223.018.00.561
4Miguel Cabrera21.921.814.90.59420.815.70.570
5Chris Davis21.620.913.10.61520.513.80.597
6Mike Trout21.421.116.70.55924.016.70.589
7Max Scherzer20.514.27.90.64113.88.80.610
8Andrew McCutchen20.423.417.40.57322.516.80.573
9Paul Goldschmidt20.122.915.30.60021.515.50.581
10Adam Wainwright19.515.312.30.55515.712.90.549
11Yadier Molina18.915.811.50.57914.511.70.554
12Robinson Cano18.723.018.30.55621.017.70.543
13Joshua Donaldson18.521.015.20.58020.216.20.554
14Dustin Pedroia17.821.317.80.54520.718.30.530
15Jay Bruce17.624.119.10.55823.118.70.552
16David Ortiz17.514.811.00.57414.511.00.569
17Evan Longoria17.
18Zack Greinke16.613.38.90.59912.110.50.534
19Jason Kipnis16.420.316.10.55719.416.70.537
20Freddie Freeman16.320.013.90.59018.113.60.572
21Matt Holliday16.120.615.60.56918.615.60.544
22Carlos Santana16.016.312.00.57415.012.40.548
23Ian Kinsler15.719.515.50.55618.315.70.538
24Jose D. Fernandez15.311.77.80.60011.78.10.590
25Jacoby Ellsbury15.318.716.30.53519.317.00.532