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The basic calculation of Player won-lost records is described here. Player won-lost records are compared to WAR (as calculated by Baseball-Reference and Fangraphs) in an article here.

For a more in-depth description of Player won-lost records, how they are calculated, and who the best players of the past 80 years were in various aspects of Player won-lost records, I have published a book with McFarland, entitled Player Won-Lost Records in Baseball: Measuring Performance in Context.

I have self-published a second book, which is available in either paperback or Kindle format at Amazon: Baseball Player Won-Lost Records: 150 Players, 50 Years. This book creates a list of the top 150 players of the first 50 years since MLB expansion (1961 - 2010) and examines these players through the prism of Player won-lost records.

I gave a presentation to the Chicago chapter of SABR (Society for American Baseball Research) on November 18, 2017. I have posted video of the presentation and follow-up Q-and-A on YouTube. The video runs almost exactly one hour.

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note: Player Won-Lost records are estimated for all seasons from 1921 to 2018, and a handful of earlier seasons.

Data for 2017 are preliminary.

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