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Player Won-Lost Records for Individual Games

Player won-lost records are constructed by game. From this page, one can look at Player won-lost records for an individual game.

Retrosheet assigns a unique Game ID for each game of the form TTTyyyymmddg, where TTT is Retrosheet's 3-letter team abbreviation for the home team, yyyy is the year in which the game took place (always expressed as a 4-digit number), mm is the month (always expressed as a 2-digit number; e.g., May is 05) in which the game took place, dd is the day of the month (always expressed as a 2-digit number; e.g., May 8th is 0508), and g is the game number for that date (=0 if it was a single game, 1 or 2 if the game was part of a double-header). So, for example, the first major-league game which I ever attended live was a single game played in Baltimore on July 23, 1977. The Game ID for this game is BAL197707230.

If you know - or can figure out - the Game ID for the game in which you are interested, enter it in the box immediately below and click "Go" to see Player won-lost records for that game.

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If you do not know - or cannot figure out - the Game ID for the game for which you are looking, fill out any of the forms below which you do know, and a list of candidate games will be generated from which you can choose.

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Note that the search form will return games that involve both Team 1 and Team 2. So, for example, if Team 1 = "Cubs" and Team 2 = "Phillies", only games between the Cubs and Phillies will be returned. To get a list that includes any game played by either the Cubs or the Phillies, you can enter both team names in the same Team box. To find games that involved the Cubs and either the Phillies or Pirates, enter the Cubs as Team 1 and both Phillies and Pirates in the Team 2 box.

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